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Educational Apps

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Content Area  PreK/K 5 6
Literacy  Tracing ABC  (apple) Bookster (apple/android)
Story Lines for School (apple)      iTooch Language Arts (apple/android/windows)
  Sightwords Kindergarten (apple)   iStorybooks (windows)
  Endless ABC (apple)            
Mathematics  Bugsy Kindergarten Math  (apple)
First Grade Math Free (android)  Math Animation for Elementary (apple)   Math Brain Extreme (android)   Mathemagics (apple)
      Math Duel (android) Math Ninja Free (apple)      
      Money Math (surface) iTooch Math (apple/android/windows)
    Let's Learn Time (apple)          
Britannica Kids: Volcanoes (apple)
Star Chart (apple)  Body Adventure with Captain Brainy Pants (apple)   
          NASA (apple/android)
History        Stack the States (android/widows)
  American Revolution Interactive Timeline (apple)   
Health/PE           Food Truth (apple)
Music Bingo ABC (apple)
Cultural Studies   Whole Wide World (apple)       TED (android)  
Special Needs iTouch iLearn Feelings (apple)            



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