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Pinterest Lit

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By Carlos Cruz


What is Pinterest?

A relatively new social media site, Pinterest, allows one to share educational, professional, and/or recreational ideas with the click of a button (also known as “pinning”). By pinning something one is virtually pinning an idea to an online bulletin board, while at the same time, sharing it with anyone who follows them. However, before one can follow anyone, one must request an account from Pinterest. A person can follow another Pinterest account so you can see their boards and pins. People around the globe including students, professionals, and the every-day-Joe use Pinterest. 

YouTube Video, Pinterest 101 by WebShare101

Pinterest in Education

In education Pinterest can be used in a plethora of ways to improve literacy skills such as: to find lesson plans, classroom organization tips, and to share ideas about anything else. 


Lesson Plans: A teacher can search for various lesson plans that may enhance classroom teaching with the use of videos, images, or other supplemental material. A neat feature of Pinterest is the use of boards; in this case a teacher can create a board specifically for lesson plans and may refer back to them at a later time.


Student Use: If a student is having a difficult time understanding certain concepts from a book than that student may use Pinterest to help him find supplemental material. Or if students find themselves interested in various genres of books they may use Pinterest to follow their preferred topics. This will be fun and educational.


Research: Perhaps one of the best methods to incorporate Pinterest into a literacy lesson is when doing research. This method can be beneficial for the student and the educator. Anything that they are researching, could be for a lesson or for a school project, they can follow to learn more about. 

Further Understanding:


1)   http://www.pearsonschoolsystems.com/blog/?p=424

     A general informational site on how to use Pinterest for education. 

2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdZX2GnfOmM

     A video on tech literacy for education.  

3) http://www.mediamakechange.org/blog/2012/an-educators-guide-to-pinterest-media-literacy

     A site on how to use Pinterest to decode and communicate messages. 


     How to use Pinterest to motivate students. 

5) http://helloliteracy.blogspot.com/2012/07/pinterest-in-education.html

     A blog on how to use Pinterest for technology.  





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