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Vocabulary Smartboard

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What is a SmartBoard?

                A smartboard is an interactive whiteboard that was developed by SMART Technologies. Smart boards were first introduced in 1991. The smartboard was the first interactive whiteboard to provide a “touch control” feature. A smartboard can be used for a very useful tool while teaching in the classroom. With all of the features a smart board contains it is appealing for projects and presentations. 



How is a SmartBoard Used?

                A smartboard is designed to be used with a computer which allows users to interact with applications and the internet. While using a smartboard, users are able to use a stylus or their finger directly on the smartboard screen. A video camera can be attached to the smartboard to aid in the making of presentations or other such tasks, then the videos are made to be edited right on the smart board.


To Begin:

  •  Start up the smart board by pushing the button labeled, “SmartBoard.”

-There will be a guide on the screen that looks like the one below.


  •  Us your fingers to operate the smartboard.

-To “left mouse click” touch your finger once.    

-To “right mouse click” press and hold your finger on a spot.

  •  Writing on the smartboard.      

                 - You are able to use the pens the smartboard is equipped with or if it is easier to use your finger you must pick up the color pen you desire first, then start writing with your finger.

  •  Clean Up

                 -    Make sure to use an alcohol free window cleaner when cleaning the smart board. Do not spray cleaner directly on board, but use a soft cloth.


Smart Notebook


Smart notebook is a computer program that works with the Smartboard. Teachers can create and build their own lessons or download various lesson templates to use from the Smartboard exchange website (see link below) that are organized by subject area and/or grade level. The Smart Notebook lesson pages appear somewhat like PowerPoint slides, which allow teachers to insert text, video, audio, images, and shape to enhance their lessons.


Step 1:  READ the How to download - document


Step 2Download SMART Notebook on your computer to create lesson plans 

    (Note this download can take over an hour to complete!)


            SMART Notebook 2.11:

  • Save notes written directly on the SMART Board into a series of pages, similar to writing and saving your notes in a standard notebook
  • This program is also available for iPad at the iTunes application store


Setting up your lesson in Smart Notebook


Step 3: Create a title page and write your teacher’s notes at the beginning of your lesson activity. Titles and teacher notes focus learning objectives and provide important information to any other teachers (or substitute) that uses the lesson activity

(i.e., notes to: “use eraser,” “slide box,” or “pull down screen shade”) 

teacher notes 2.jpg 






 Step 4: 

Create first slide

with word,


sounds like or rhyming word, and cartoon picture and phrase
















Step 5: Use a pen to cover the "answer” with digital ink

  • Select the digital ink and

set it to the same color

as the page background.

For example, if the

page background is white,

then the digital ink

should also be white

  • Select the Eraser tool, and 

erase the digital ink

covering the answer.

The Eraser tool

will only erase objects

created with digital ink.

Anything you typed

with the keyboard

cannot be erased

with the Eraser tool. 


Step 6:  Repeat steps four & five

 for remainder of vocabulary words

 cards 2-2.jpg



Step 7:  Print “vocabatoon” index cards

(Avery 3381 index card size 4 ¼ x 5 ½)

to create a vocabulary box-dictionary,

adding the weekly vocabulary words

that students can use to refer back














Information from the SMART Exchange website – This example is for Colorado State Standards for accompanying SMART Notebook lessons.This exchange is for teachers and developers to share lesson plans. Point and click to find the standards for any state, then choose the content area and grade level with several pre-developed lessons using the SMART Notebook application ready to be used as-is or modified.  



An example from the SMART Exchange of a Jeopardy Game that was modified in the SMART Notebook

 to use as an engaging and reinforcing assessment tool. At week's end adding new vocabulary words to previous weeks words will reinforce retention of all vocabulary words learned.



Technical Web Links:


·         http://exchange.smarttech.com/search.html

-This website gives teachers the opportunity to go online and trade lessons using a smartboard. There are games such as jeopardy, connect four and whack-a-mole. This website also has applications such as calendars and an attendance chart. All students will be able to use these applications and this is a good website for future use!

·         http://exchange.smarttech.com/search.html?q=%22sample%20lesson%22

-This website is slightly different than the one above. This website gives examples of lesson plans that are surrounding subjects such as math and vocabulary and not just all about games. This website will come in handy when teachers are trying to think of a lesson plan to keep students interested and having fun while also taking in the information required.

·         http://mhess1.pbworks.com/f/Smart%20Boards%2032699193.pdf

-This is a PDF file that when it is opened is basically the smartboard teaching guide. It has sections such as lesson introductions, availability and cost, integrated activities in teaching and learning sequences, evaluation of smartboards, and beneficial purposes. This is the perfect guide to use in the beginning of a teaching career because it explains everything needed to use a smartboard.

·         http://www.gaston.k12.nc.us/news/Documents/SMART%20Boards%20At%20a%20Glance%20-%20%20Facts,%20Final.pdf

-This website is another PDF file that explains what a smartboard is and gives facts and other such examples of what the benefits are of using a smartboard. This is a good website when deciding whether or not you want to use a smartboard or whether the school as a whole wants to use smartboards in their classrooms.

·         http://vault.smarttech.com/stimulus/k-12-special-education.asp

-This website is all about making a classroom that is inclusive for everyone. Here we learn the benefits of a smartboard for teachers and students. This website explains how smartboards are also useful in special education classrooms just as much. The smartboard meets the standards of a special education classroom because it supports a learning environment where students are given multiple ways to learn.


Additional References with links to websites:


  • YouTube Video: “How to create interactive exercises using the Lessons activity tool - SMART Board with SMART Notebook tutorials for teachers.” This video demonstrates how to prepare an interactive Notebook file for student lessons 


  • How to use the iPad in your classroomYouTube video shows students using iPads for 21st Century classroom assignments using SMART Notebook applications


Drawing on research-based principles of vocabulary instruction and multimedia learning, this article presents 10 strategies that use free digital tools and Internet resources to engage students in vocabulary learning. The strategies are designed to support the teaching of words and word learning strategies, promote students' strategic use of on-demand web-based vocabulary tools, and increase students' volume of reading and incidental word learning.”



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