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Prezi Science

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Welcome To Prezi

By Kathleen Winchester and Ellen Emmering

Prezi is a website that allows for students to make a PowerPoint more interactive. The goal of creating a Prezi is to capture the creative thinking and innovations of presentations before and after delivered. A Prezi allows for people to use a number of different technological outlets, through the freedom of the cloud, the security of a desktop, and the mobility of an iPad.

How do Prezi's Work?


A Prezi is a way of creating a presentation in a more interactive and engaging 3-D spatial journey.

1. First customers will go to the website, http://www.prezi.com

2. Once students have reached the website they will then need to sign up for one of the three different options, which include two plus options that cost money and one free option.

3. After signing up the customer will go and start creating a prezi, they will have the ability to choose from multiple different templets depending on their preference and topic.

4. After the template has been selected the customer will then be able to create their fun and engaging presentation.


Step by Step Video




Examples of Prezi's in Action

This first example is as a teacher giving a lesson to students about the scientific process. Through using the prezi we were able to create the steps taking in the process and showed them in an interactive way.



* to get to the prezi must click on the link above. Sorry for the inconvience.


This example is students using prezi's to create autobiography from the prospective of an animal or insect. This will allow them to share scientific facts about the specimen they researched as well as creating a fun new perspective on the lives of the scientific animal.




* to get to prezi must click on the link above. Sorry for the inconvience.


To save money on paper and pencils teachers are able to use prezi's to create concept maps for their students. This is extremely useful in science due to the process of scientific thinking. When students are able to record their thoughts and ideas, they are able to work through tough problems more efficiently.


Support Prezi

1. http://prezi.com/prezi-for-education/- this resource is actually from the Prezi website. However, it shows that Prezi wants to help out both teachers and students by providing lesson plans and student work on their website. As future teachers knowing a company wants to help any way they can shows that they believe in the power of education.

2. http://www.ed-tech-4-science.com/2010/12/22/science-prezi-tations-a-break-from-powerpoints/- this website shows support for using Prezi's in the creating concept maps. The great thing about this site is that it shows it can be used for any subject, not just science.

3. http://www.readwritethink.org/prefessional-development/strategies-guides/teaching-with-zooming-slideshow-30886.html - this website shows different lessons that can be done using Prezi's.

4. http://prezi.com/jjl6k1x2o5g3/21-organizing-qualitative-data/- this shows that in science prezis are able to distinguish between qualitative and quantitative data. It allows students to create charts that demonstrate their understanding of the data they have researched.

5. http://climateecology.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/is-using-prezi-for-scientific-presentations-worth-it/- this website demonstrates that using prezi's with science lessons can be beneficial to the students and teachers. This website goes through reassuring teachers that using technology and prezi's helps students relate to the science material they are learning.


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