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Mathematics- iMovie

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What is iMovie?

iMovie is a proprietary video editing software application created by Apple Inc. This application can be used on Mac devices, iPhones, iPads, iPad mini, and the iPod touch. Users can import video and photo files from a hard drive, or use their devices digital camera. Once there are videos within the software, the user can edit the photos and video clips and add titles, music, and effects. Some of these effects include basic color correction, video enhancement tools, and different transitions such as fades and slides. In Short this is an application that will make the video making process much easier.



iMovie Basics


Above is a video that covers the most basic functions of iMovie. Using these functions You will be able to create different videos.


Ways to Use iMovie in the Classroom

Documentation- You can record students work and presentations and show them where they can improve.

Peer Feedback- Students can watch different students presentation and provide feedback. This Is a huge help for the student how are absent on presentation day.

Self Reflection- This application will allow students to see them selves in the learning process. This is some of the best feed back student can get.

Creating Movies- Students can create movies for any kind of project for any subject area.

Telling Stories- Short movies can be a much more effective way of telling a story.

Photo Essay- Adding photos to an essay can make the essay much more powerful.

Microscopy- The iPad camera can be used with microscopes in the science classroom.

Field Trips- This allows students to bring the information from field trips bake to the classroom.

Creating Instructional Videos- Teachers can create video lectures. this gives students easier access to the learning.

Slow Motion Analysis- There are slow motion capabilities in iMovie. This can be helpful in different science experiments.


My Personal iMovie


This is a personal iMovie I created. This movie can be showed in the beginning of class to warm the students up. This video would be an example of how students can use iMovie to create projects based on different math concepts. In the video several different situations that involve math are shown. the students could make a video on a math concept at the end of a chapter. This would make the math classroom much more enjoyable for the students. 


How to use iMovie for Teaching

There are several ways to use iMovie as a teacher.The below video is an example that uses mathematics standard 2.d.ii, and 2.d.i. With iMovie teachers can easily make videos that are available to their student from anywhere. Teachers can use these videos in class and can also have them for students to view at home.



How Students use iMovie for learning


This video shows several different ways that that students could use iMovie in the learning process. This makes the learning process much more enjoyable for the students. Student usually get excited when they get to use other project formats, papers and posters can get boring after awhile.


5 Great Resources for More Information on iMovie










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