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Pinterest Art

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Group Members:


  • Jordan Ortega
  • Megan Lane
  • Jordan McMasters
  • Megan McNamara
  • Megan Reichstein


What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a tool that serves as a pin board application and a photo sharing website. Pinterest also gives creative ideas to people who are viewing the website and allows them to share or create similar ideas. This online website shares many ideas through the different topics.  Pinterest is a social network that allows someone to create a login and be able to have access to their account. The member can then create pages to then be able to pin certain things that they like and would like to save in a collection folder that the user has created. Pinterest is a website that is art based and a focused website. Pinterest allows a lot of people to explore many new ideas for a variety of different occasions that they choose. Lots of different topics are shared on pinterest such as an everything, popular, technology, food, heath, quotes, children, clothing, housing, pictures, animals, art, crafts, gardening, and many more tabs that display ideas or topics that have been created. Users of this website can “Re-pin” things that other people have shared or pinned previously. This website is one that is looked at by many people of all ages. Many ideas come from Pinterest.


For example, a user could create a collection on there pinterest page titled wedding. While searching through the different tabs of pinterest, the individual could see something they liked and choose to share and save. They then could pin it and place it into the wedding folder. The versatility of this website has made pinterest become a new place for teachers to share their ideas, work, and lessons that they have used in their classrooms. When teachers post their work or different ideas they have used in the classroom, other teachers can get on pinterest and get new ideas for their own classroom. It makes it an online tool teachers can use to share ideas.This is another example of how useful this website is for users.


Here is an example of how to use Pinterest through a YouTube video:

(Basic use)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejaiNn5CmI0

(Teacher use)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQQW4XwWCbY




Lesson: Creating Art About Weather Using Pinterest Ideas!

Grade: 2nd Grade



  •          A  Computer used for research
  •        Paper
  •        Scissors
  •        Markers and crayons
  •        Paint
  •        Paint brushes 
  •        Cotton balls
  •        String
  •        Stapler
  •        Liter Bottles 
  •        Glue and tape
  •        Other materials will be provided with requests from students


Objective: Students will further their knowledge on weather through researching art projects that  groups can create through the online website Pinterest; then share their new ideas with other groups in the classroom.

Lesson overview: In this lesson students will get into groups depending on class size, preferably four per group, and discover ways to display different weather through art by finding ideas on Pinterest.  Before this lesson the students will have learned about the different weather cycles, actions of changing weather, and different types of weather. We would discuss the different vocabulary words that went along with the lesson as well. As a whole we will then create logins for the students and explore the website together. This will allow the second grade students to get familiar and comfortable with the tool being used. Once the students feel good about Pinterest we will place them in groups of four. The students will then collaborate as a group and look in the Pinterest website for a craft idea that they can use to create an artistic idea displaying what they have learned throughout the weather unit. The idea will have to be approprite to the activity and their skill base. In order for the group to get started on their craft, we will make sure that it meets their skill level and goes along with the previous weather lesson.


For example one group could create something like this found on Pinterest:

 paper craft cloud and rain


Once approved, students will work on their art project together and construct their craft using what they got from Pinterest. Once the students are done creating their projects, each group will share what they have created and what it displays. Groups will rotate and share until all groups have shared what they have discovered, made, and learned. This way of creating different visuals about weather will help the students really understand all about our weather lesson. It also allows students to see different visuals about weather. The lesson gives the students the opportunity to learn from one another and use their peers as a resource. Once all the groups have shared, their projects will be displayed around the classroom to show the hard work they put in while working on the assignment.


Adaptations: Students that are ELL learners can be placed in a groups with one or more non-ELL student(s). This will allow them to work together and understand more clearly. The students who are not ELL's can be their to guide the students who may struggle with the lesson. Students that have disabilities can also be placed in groups with students of all levels.  We will make sure each group will have learners of all types so that each group can work together and have successes.


Furthering Learning with Pinterest: Pinterest could even be used in a more general way by helping teachers further the learning in their classroom. Students can also locate recipes for foods; so if students where researching a specific country or cultural topic. They could get on Pinterest and research in the food tab or search a specific food for the culture or country they are studying at the time. In general, there are many good uses for Pinterest for students. Having students become very familiar with Pinterest and how it works can help them in many different areas through school such as projects, ideas, inspirations, and research. 


Evaluation: Students will be evaluated based on their art project they have created as a group. The teacher will walk around as students are researching on Pinterest what weather art project each group has picked or found. Then, as the groups share, the teacher can walk around to see each group as completed a weather art project.  The teacher then can ask each group to write their name on their project and turn it in for credit.  Also, students can and will fill out and self evaluation based on their contribution and work throughout the group weather art project.

 First Grader...at Last!: Weather crafts and experiments




Content Area: Visual Arts
Grade Level Expectations: Second Grade


  • Standard 1.Observe and Learn to Comprehend

               GLE 2. Characteristics and expressive features of art and design are used to identify and discuss works of art


  • Standard 2. Envision and Critique to Reflect

               GLE 1. Visual arts use various literacies to convey intended meaning


  • Standard: 3. Invent and Discover to Create

               GLE: 1. Use familiar symbols to identify and demonstrate characteristics and expressive features of art and design


Helpful sites to help teachers understand how to use Pinterest!







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