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Pinterest Science

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By Sara Hernden and Lanae Zaragoza


What is Pinterest?


Pinterest is basically a online pinboard. It is used to save and organize ideas that you find on the internet. Pinterest allows you to follow other peoples pin boards and re-pin something of theirs that you like. It allows you to browse different boards, ideas, and categories to create a board of your own. You can organize all of your findings on different boards that you can choose the names of. The goal of this site is to collect and organize ideas you will be able to come back to in the future. Pinterest is used by many people for different reasons such as education, pleasure, and business. Pinterest is growing at a rapid rate and will continue growing in the future.



Application for Teachers and Learners in Science:


Teachers can use Pinterest to find lesson plans or lesson ideas to use in the classroom. There a pinboards dedicated to elementary science ideas such as the one below:


This pin board has ideas on how to integrate science into the elementary school classroom in fun interesting ways.


Students can use pinboards to organize things about subjects that interest them such as this board about dinosaurs:



Since you can connect with others on Pinterest users both students and teachers can connect with each other to share ideas, thoughts, and information about lesson plans and school work.


Lesson Plan Idea!


When doing a science research project or experiment students can use a pinboard on Pinterest to organize their sources for the topic. This makes it easy for the whole class to easily access the information to learn more about the topic.


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