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Wordle Math

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Examples of wordle:



What is Wordle?

& The Basic Functions of Wordle

A Wordle document is a tag cloud or a word cloud from a text that the user provides. It is also a visual depiction of user generated tags. The cloud can be used with specific text or a URL of a blog or other website with writing.  The cloud gives a greater prominence to words that are used more frequently and displays them with a larger font. This helps certain words stand out that are usually the most important in the text.  This website allows the user to design the cloud in a fun and creative way by choosing the orientation, color scheme, design or layout, theme, font, etc. Most Wordles are used to depict a theme, (for example; all of the words are related to one another.) Wordle creations can be wither printed out to display in your classroom or to use as a study guide, or they can be added to the wordle website to be seen by anyone who visits the website.


Tool features of wordle 

1. Students are able to input text in a variety of ways, which include actually typing words or simply copy and pasting words form different sources.

2. Wordle automatically emphasizes repeated words to make them stand out. This helps highlight what was important from a certain lesson.

3. Students are able to customize their Wordle e.g. horizontal, vertical, colors, fonts, and layout.

4. Wordles can be saved online, which allows it to be visible for anyone. You can print it on to paper or embed it to a webpage. You can use the snipping tool to save it as a jpeg or png file.





Tutorial for self- directed learning 

1. First go to the wordle homepage www.wordle.net.

2. When on the wordle homepage you click “create” to make your new wordle.

3. On the next paste type or paste in your text that you want to use.

4. Click “go”. This will create your wordle.

5. This page shows you your wordle. You can click the randomize button at the bottom of the screen to change your wordle. By clicking randomize it will change your layout, font, and color at the same time. You could also change each one of these individually by using the tabs at the top of the page which are labeled font, color, and layout.

6. Next you can either print your wordle or save it to the public gallery. If you save it to the public gallery know that you are saving something to the internet that can not be deleted so make sure to not put any personal information in your wordle that you do not want displayed on the internet.

7. You can then search the gallery for your wordle or for any other wordles that other people have published on the internet.

Step by Step Video-






How to apply wordle in the classroom during Math

(Application for teaching and learning using wordle)


Text examples for using Wordle-

1. Create a learning poster. Use as many words as you can to describe what you learned in the unit of math. These words can be mathematical terms, helpful tips, phrases, etc. After the Wordle learning poster is created it can be hung up around the room for everyone to use as a reference. If the teacher would like, they can keep all of the posters and display them for their future classes before that particular unit begins.


(idea found from link above)


2. Before starting a new math unit, ask students what there “confidence and concerns” are in that area of math. In Wordle, have the students create a picture of their “confidence” in that subject and another of their “concerns”. Once both are complete have the students compare both pictures. Throughout the unit encourage the students to go back and look at their pictures. After the unit is over, the students are encouraged to build a new Wordle image of their learning experience.


(idea found from link above)


3. An example of using text to create a Wordle in Math lesson would be to have the students break into groups and be assigned a certain lesson or concept from the lesson, and create a word bank, which will then be created into a Wordle.


4. One way to apply Wordle into a classroom during math would be to use the vocabulary that students have been using. This could include addition, subtraction, multiplication and also turns such as Pythagorean theorem. Having this for the students to see could have the vocabulary constantly being refreshed in their minds for better memorization and comprehension of the math concepts.


Visual examples using Wordle-
1. This wordle is the multiplication facts of 9 with answers and multiplication facts. They could use this wordle to practice their facts of 9.


2. This wordle is different types of ways you can perform and use multiplication in math.




3. This wordle is made from 5 story problems.  From the wordle each class member could take words off of it to create their own new story problem for their classmates to answer.

-During a trip to the nature center on Saturday Debra collected 35 ants. She wants to give them to her 2 friends from Oregon. Before she divides the ants up, 13 get away. How many ants will each friend get?

-You have 3 small blue jars. If each one can hold 5 thumbtacks, how many thumbtacks will you need to fill your jars?

-Friday’s choir practice starts at 3:00 and is 6 blocks from Ben’s house. If Ben can walk each block in 5 minutes, what’s the latest he can leave in order to get there on time?

-Jimmy wants to order pizza for the birthday party on Thursday. Each pizza has 5 slices. If the 10 kids at the party each eat 4 slices, how many pizzas should Jimmy order?

-You need to solve 15 computer problems to pass a test on Tuesday. If you have 1 minute to take the test, how many seconds can you spend on each question?


(idea found from link above)


URL’s that support the use of wordle

1.  Link showing how to use wordle with a few lesson ideas:



2. Classroom Polls: Instead of your traditional bar graph or pictograph, try using Wordle to organize your data. What is the favorite color in your class? Have all students take turns at entering their favorite color in to Wordle and generate the resulting cloud. Bigger words = more popular colors. Repeat with ice cream flavors, pets, family members, etc.


3. This website is full of math wordless that have been created using math terms. This could be very useful to help students grasp the concepts. Here is an example of an elementary age appropriate math wordle!



4. This is a pdf file giving step by step instructions on how to create a wordle on the website www.wordle.net. This is would be great to give students for them to save in their folders for future reference.


5.  Examples of wordles:


                                   Concern of fraction   

                                                                                                  Confidence of multiplication  





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