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Glogster EDU

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Nicole Vander Vliet

Glogster EDU




What is Glogster EDU?


“Glogster EDU is an online educational system which is designed for interactive, collaborative education and is suitable for teachers, students and the school as a whole (Wikipedia).” Glogster EDU is a social network site where students can create “glogs” (graphics blog) to share in private, virtual classrooms. These can later be published as desired on sites such as wiki, Facebook and MySpace. Glogster is the 21st century adaptation of poster board projects. Glogs are interactive posters that include text, images, videos, data attachments and sounds. Students of all ages can navigate through this easy to use format. Glogster can enhance reports, projects, homework, presentations, assessments and more in any subject area (s).  



Using Glogster EDU in the classroom:

Glogster EDU can enhance a wide variety of subjects such as reading, writing, science, art, social studies, history and geography. Glogs can demonstrate an understanding of content while expanding students’ digital literacy. Possible ideas for integrating Glogster EDU in the classroom are:

ü Create “personal” posters using a variety of writing i.e. narrative, poetry.

ü Create glogs on local historical places, people, and events.

ü Create science glogs focusing on a specific content i.e. the nervous system.

ü Create book reports emphasizing different story elements i.e. characters, setting, etc.


Glogster EDU is a very beneficial tool in the subject of social studies. Social studies incorporates history, geography, government, economics, and culture.  Glogster can be used in multiple ways to enhance homework, assessments and understanding of content. Glogster EDU can enhance students understandings of the Colorado Model Content Standards. Some examples for using Glogster EDU in social studies include:


American Government

Government is a complex institution. After learning through research and lectures about the characteristics, branches, people, history and importance of government, students can create a glog to demonstrate their understanding. Students could work in groups to produce a glog about one branch of government, its importance, the key people involved, and the history of it. This would allow for students to collaborate enhancing their understanding of the complex content.


Current Issues

Students investigate different public policy issues facing the state. They learn about both sides of the issue. Then, they take a stance and create a glog in support of their stance. They explain their opinion providing factual information using multiple sources.


Important Documents

Throughout social studies, students discover many important documents such as the Stamp Act, Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. Students can create glogs on their favorite document, providing information on the document including its importance, history and impact on society.


Other glog ideas to enhance Social Studies;

ü Geographical features of land we’ve studied i.e. Rocky Mountains

ü Colorado Natives- who are they?

ü Colorado immigrants- groups of, development of and impact

ü Timelines comparing U.S. history to world history.

ü Different cultural and political of Colorado- identify and their impact

ü Technology developments through Colorado and U.S. history

ü Similarities and differences of Colorado’s physical geography and its neighboring states

ü Goods and services of Colorado- history of and impact


Glogs and Social Studies in the Real World

5th grade students were asked to complete a glog on the Battles of Lexington and Concord (social studies). To see how unique and comprehensive, glogs can be, click on the link below:



Getting Started with Glogster

  1. Visit http://edu.glogster.com/ and choose “I’m an educator.”
  2. If you are a single educator wanting a Glogster license, choose one of three variations of the program. Educator Free is free to use. Educator Light is $2.49 a month and Educator Premier is $8.25 a month. If you are a school or district, there is an option for multi- licenses.  Below the pricing packaging includes details on the different advantages of each license.
  3. Click on Register on the top right hand corner. Fill in the information needed including your name, location, school, and number of students in your class (automatically sets up accounts, maximum of 200).
  4. It will automatically take you to the Dashboard, which is the homepage. From here, you can view your “friends” (students) profiles at any time.
  5. On the dashboard, you can begin by clicking “Create a New Glog.”



Image retrieved from: http://shift-edblog.blogspot.com/2011/01/introduction-to-glogster.html



For a detailed tutorial on creating and publishing glogs, visit the website below.




Web Links



Readwritethink.org provides this 5-8 grade lesson about natural disasters. Students learn all about natural disasters and the science related to it. They create a glog about one specific natural disaster.



http://edunology.wikispaces.com/Glogster#Glogster EDU-Lesson Ideas

This website provides several lesson ideas using Glogster. Some ideas include creating a poster about a country you are studying, book reflections and advertisement (persuasive writing).




This website provides assistance with teaching Glogster. It demonstrates how to begin the process of using and teaching it.




This website is an excellent resource. It gives step-by-step easy to follow directions for setting up Glogster and implementing it in the classroom. It also provides classroom examples for using Glogster such as exploring weather and contemporary literature.




This website is a great tool to generate ideas for using Glogster. It is a collection of postings on lesson plans using Glogster, submitted by actual teachers.








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