Jumpstart to Math Blasters

Created by Cassie Hammond and Sue Evans 

What is Math Blasters?

Knowledge Adventure's most beloved brand, Math Blaster products have been used in classrooms and homes worldwide for over 15 years. Mathblaster.com is the online hub for outer space-based MMO gaming. Membership to Mathblaster.com extends to include JumpStart as well. Through a partnership with Majesco Entertainment Company, the brand also transitioned onto Nintendo DS. Math Blaster in the Prime Adventure extends the proven brand into an age-appropriate handheld platform. Math Blaster learning apps are available on iPad/iPhone and Android devices. Through a first of its kind model, Math Blaster mobile and online games are linked for connected play at home or on the go.


How does it work?

As we were browsing for a tool to use, we came along this website called jumpstart that included a ton of great resources to attach to lessons for education. It also shared a like to Math Blasters. In Math Blasters, you create a character and this character can travel into different places and choose the game that they want to play. Once you enter a room, you decide difficulty levels and begin to play the math game. There is a wide variety of games like angles, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc. The tools to control the games are used with the aeros and numbers of the keyboard.


What are its uses?

This website can be used to practice repetitive habits for children and fun at the same time. Children are able to play a video game while their brains are working in ways they don't even know. Jumpstart is a different way of using fine motor skills for children while they are practicing other skills as well. The children have to multi-task in order to complete the games. 





How can we use Jumpstart in a classroom?

Jumpstart is the website that also shares a link to Math Blasters. Jumpstart has multiple video games for children to play and increase different skills. The other games on the website range from science, language arts, math and art games. Jumpstart to math blasters is how I as a teacher would use this website but there is also a computer game that can be purchased for children to play as well. It is easy and free to create an account online as well. 


Lesson Plans: As I was browsing through the website, I came across and link that shared lesson plans for teachers. I would use math blasters as a privileged game for students during math time. Instead of having plan old math facts everyday, this can be an alternative assignment to practice the repetition that students need. 



Colorado Performance-Based Standards for Professional Teaching Standards (APTS):

  3.3, 4.3 , 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5

National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T):

 1a, 1b, 1d, 2a, 2b, 3a 







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