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History Prezi

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What is Prezi?


Our world is constantly changing with the usage of new technology and gadgets to further not only our understanding of what the 21st century classroom would look like but also to influence constructive growth and knowledge so that future students will also be able to interact with technology. Students are in school for the primary reason to learn and increase their education prowess, so that they will later be successful in life. One of the more fundamental aspects that students need to learn are the basics of public speaking and giving presentations to a group of people. Throughout the years, many have relied on the usage of Powerpoint to give a presentation. However, there is another program that is giving Powerpoint a run for its money. The new tool Prezi is an interesting way to capture the attention of an audience rather quickly as it is a web-based program that allows the individual to create more of an open canvas presentation then the normal, sequential slide presentation. For example, Prezi gives the individual a blank canvas and the “artists” or designer can put whatever they want on Prezi and incorporate not only text and pictures, but videos and other presentations as well, without going through the trouble of having long text and then hotlinks that don’t work. Another useful application about Prezi is that the individual can create the product online and then download it, so that an internet connection is no longer required to use it. TAKE IT ON THE GO! And enjoy all the unique ways that Prezi can be used.


How Prezi can be used?


As it can be seen from the tutorial found in Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMHBNa5KGJ0 this instructional video allows first time users to learn how to use and or setup their own Prezi. Everyone is encouraged to use Prezi, as it is a new and innovative way to present material, which will surely grab the attention of anyone. While the video shown is a very simplistic way of how Prezi can be used, it still gives those new to Prezi a different perspective on how they can modify their own Prezi board.


New to Prezi?

If first time users don't have an account it is easy and quick to setup.

Step One:

  • Log into the Prezi website at Prezi,com 
  • At the bottom of the page click the Get Started button
  • On the next screen labeled pricing quick the free access version of Prezi
  • Enter in valid information and then within seconds you will have your own account.

Step Two:

  • Click create new Prezi
  • A page opens up with a list of valid templates to use. 
  • Click on a template

Step Three:

  • Have some fun and enjoy creating your very own Prezi 


Using Prezi in a Social Studies Classroom

There are many different ways that teachers can use Prezi in Social Studies classrooms. Frequently students will confess that history is their least favorite subject due to the fact that it is boring or that they just don’t see the point in remembering dead people. Teachers take on that role of the professional and try not to make history boring. Prezi can help with overcoming this challenge as it gives students something new and interesting that they most likely have not seen or interacted with yet. For example, instead of lecturing with the same old boring Powerpoint, teachers can spice things up and really give the students a “new show.” Prezi can take students on an enjoyable roller coaster through the loops of the beginnings of the American Revolution all the way till the end of the unit. It is the creator’s choice on how they want their own Prezi to look. For history teachers, a Prezi board will contain many important dates and detailed events, along with pictures that connect to these events. Many different instructors and students have their own unique developing style for Prezi. What will you come up with?

Here is an example of a Powerpoint on the American Revolution.


Prezi has been shown to be used in numerous different ways. Designers have a chance to get unique and show creative ways on how to design their presentations. Almost like diving into the mind of the designer. People can express themselves with Prezi. This is an example of what Powerpoint looks like...

Pretty boring, just looking at stilled images. This would be more interesting if one could actually move from point to point. Is this to say that Prezi is the preferred way then? Technically no. Constant motion can be nauseating. That is when it would fall to the instructor/designer to gauge his/her audience and find out what best suits the needs of everyone.


Here are a few other sources with ideas on Prezi in the classroom environment:


This is a short article about how Prezi has influenced the life of Nicholas Carmichael and his classroom who were first introduced to Prezi. It is also a blog site to share everyone’s knowledge about Prezi and their experiences with it.



Even though it isn’t a Prezi presentation, it gives an interesting insight to what Prezi is and thirteen unique ways that it can be used.



This is a short article about the usefulness of Prezi and its overall structure. It also has links to other sites and summaries about Prezi and what it can be used for.



This is another blog site that tells about how people literally fell in love with Prezi. It is interesting because it focuses on Elementary classrooms, so that it shows Prezi isn’t only used in high leveled classrooms.



This site is great as it shows different sites related to first time users to learn everything there is to know about Prezi. It also shows interesting ways that Prezi can be used in a classroom.





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