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Art Integration-Pixie3

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The New and Approved.... 

 What is Pixie 3?


     Pixie 3 is the new and approved tool for students. It provides many different opportunities for kids to excel in the classroom. Pixie 3 helps students to be creative, it encourages their thinking skills, and helps with their communication skills. With Pixie 3, students are given the opportunity to express themselves through artwork, videos, and text. It has a lot to offer the classroom such as allowing students to be able to collaborate with one another, create masterpeices that enables them to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride, it produces higher level thinking and students can share their work in many different forms. Pixie 3 also provides numerous lesson activities for teachers to use. Lessons that vary from writing activities to social studies activities.



Fantastic Features for Pixie 3


Here is a video that demonstrates the different features of Pixie 3 and why it's a great tool to use in the classroom.

The video explains it all for the viewer. It demonstrates different kinds of projects that you can create and some of the tools

that you can use. Most of the buttons are self explanitory.

There's a paint brush, spray can, crayon, you can create bubbles to write text in, templates you can choose from, stickers,

a recording button if you want to narrate a story and much more!

The video explains more indepth, so please take a couple minutes and explore the world of Pixie 3 :) 




Here is a quick snapshot from the video of the drawing board...


Why should Pixie 3 be used? 


-Its a great way for students to create various projects in all subject areas.

-It helps students develop higher level thinking skills.

-It's an easy way to find meaningful lessons and it get's students engaged.

-Engages students to want to learn.

-It's a creative and fun way for students to show their peers and teachers what they know.

-It could be a good way to assess students learning.

-Gives a chance for students to collaborate with their peers, if it's a group project.

-Has wonderful resources for teachers to use.


Art Integration with Social Studies & Writing Lesson Example:


Grade: 5th 


Colorado Academic State Standards:

Standard 1.2 History.


b. Identify and describe the significant individuals and groups of Native Americans and European colonist   

before the American Revolution (DOK1-2)




Students will gain a better understanding of various world explorers through the

use of Pixie 3. Students will be given a different explorer and become an expert through

the creation of a childrens book using Pixie 3.


Lesson Overview:


In this lesson students will work individually and will each be given an explorer to research.

As the final project students will use Pixie 3 as their technology tool to create a childrens book

to demonstrate their knowledge of their explorer. In this lesson I will require 5 pages minumum for

the book. The students will also be given a rubric to follow as their guide.

There will be art integration in this lesson because I really want their books to contain lots of

illustrations that go along with the text. Their illustrations should be creative, original and unique.

It will be about the process of the illustrations verus the final product of the illustrations. (Which I will

explain more indepth to the students)

Examples will be shown to the class.

Students will be shown Pixie 3 and the different tools that are available to them.



Sample Lessons & Examples of students work:


Science- Water Cycle





Language Arts-ABC's






Artist's Styles





http://creativeeducator.tech4learning.com/v01/lessons/Map_It_with_Pixie?__hstc=12296875.863bb902cf40749d6b1b9b1dce34aedb.1352088726531.1352252340633.1352596863175.7&__hssc=12296875.5.1352596863175 (This is a lesson teaching students about Maps, using Pixie 3)


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