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moviemaker in the classroom

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Movie Maker 

Presented by : Rodolfo Vargas & Flor Varela 


What is movie maker?


      Movie Maker is a program made by Microsoft windows that allows you to create or edit videos. This program is designed to make personalized movies according to the likes of the individual. You can customized the video by using pictures, video clips, background music, and narrations. There is also many other tools that are included in the program from using transitions to video effects to make your video your own. This program is for free in all of the computers utilizing Microsoft windows.




     The first version of movie maker was introduce in 2000, but it was not included in the hard drive of the computers.  After the first version many other have been put in the market. The second version came out only a year after in 2001 as Movie Maker 1.1.  There were two versions released the same year 2.0 and 2.1 came out by November 2002, these two versions included many more feature. In 2005 version 2.5 was released giving the ability to burn your creation into a DVD. In 2006 a new version came out along with windows vista, this version allowed user to use  file format DVR-Ms,but unfortunately this version did not support the ability to se videos form web cams or analog camcorders. In 2009 Movies Maker become Windows Live Movie Maker, a whole different program that still supported movie maker files. Window Live Movie Maker was the last version to came out.



Using movie maker in the classroom


     Movie maker is a program that can be easily used in any content area and any grade level. This program can be used as an assignment/project. Here are some examples of how movie maker can be used in the classroom.

  •      History-  This program can be used for students to explain the main concept of an era,or a war.
  •      Science - This program can be used for students to explain the procedures of an experiment and show what the experiment can look like. 
  •      Math -   This program can be used to show the knowledge that the students have gain thorugh out the year.
  •      English - Creative writing through digital media   


Movie make in a Word Language classroom.


     Movie maker is a great tool to have in a world language classroom. This could be the perfect tool to show your students the culture of the language. There aspects of culture that have to been shown and not just talked about. Movie maker could teach the students by having interact with this program. They can create movies about a cultural aspect that is being cover or to teach their peers about a specific topic.


This is an example of how to use Movie Maker in the classroom.




Step by Step

This is a video explaining how to use movie maker.









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How to use Movie Maker







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