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Zygote Body

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3D Human Anatomy for Animation, Illustration, CAD and Software Development 


 Male and Female Anatomy 3D Models Collections thumbnail

Zygote 3D Human Anatomy - The Wonder of Human Life at Your Fingertips

Zygote is the company behind the amazing 3D anatomical atlas Google Body™ available on the web and Android devices. We are committed to supporting the Google Body™ community through Zygote Body™. Visit ZygoteBody.com


How Does ZYGOTE BODY work?


Zygote is devoted to showing the world the beauty and miracle of human life through its 3D anatomy products. It is a tool to use in the classroom for both students and teachers. The students are able to explore the human body using 3D images of the body systems. They have capabilities of searching specific body parts, systems, or specific organs. Students are able to manipulate the 3D model by twisting, turning or rotating it to get a full view of the object viewed. 


                                                                                                                       Male and Female Anatomy 3D Model


How to use the web site.


1. Visit the site by clicking here

2. Once on the site, you have a choice of selecting male or female figure to explore. On the left side of the page you will have a tool bar that will allow you to make your selections.

3. The arrows on the top of the tool bar enable you to rotate, turn and twist the body. Plus and minus buttons allow you to zoom in and out on a particular part of the body. 

4. The scroll bar below moves up and down by dragging it or just clicking on the desired part of the bar. It adjusts the visual 3D model to the right display of the organ, system or part of the body to be explored. As you scroll down, you can see how the body is slowly being "stripped" of layers that make up our body system by system. 

5. For further exploration, you can also enter a specific search word you might want to learn about on the upper right corner of the page in the search field.

6. The organ then is highlighted and the tag with its name appears on the screen. You may then click on the plus sign on the tag to find out more in detail about the selected organ. The pins will let you keep the parts of the organ on the display, while the x's will eliminate the part of the organ stripping it to the basics. 

7. Most important part about this tool is:





                                                                                                          Heart  Anterior Cut 1


Academic Standards for ZYGOTE BODY use.


Content Area: Science
Grade Level Expectations: Fifth Grade
Standard: 2. Life Science


Concepts and skills students master:

1. All organisms have structures and systems with separate functions

Students Can:

  1. Develop and communicate an evidence-based scientific explanation of the role of different organs or structures that are important for an organism's survival - in both plants and animals (DOK 1-3)
  2. Analyze and interpret data to generate evidence that all organisms have structures that are required for survival in both plants and animals (DOK 1-2)
  3. Create and evaluate models of plant and/or animal systems or parts (DOK 2-3)



Classroom uses of ZYGOTE BODY


Teachers can use Zygote Body in the classroom as a visual aid to the lessons about the body systems. It is expensive to buy the manipulatives that show the human body in this detail. This site is free. You do need some specific browsers to run the program. See here for specific instructions


Students can use Zygote Body in the classroom as a research and exploration tool. It is interactive and easy to use. The site does not require any specific computer skills other than basic "click and drag" mouse use skills and very beginner typing skills to search for a specific word or word combination. It is great for those kinesthetic learners who need to explore and experience in order to learn. 


                                                       Cell Collection 1     DNA with Phosphate 1




Lesson Ideas


Systems of Human Body


Label Human Body worksheet


Human Body Lessons (select different types of systems to teach and use Zygote Body as an aid)


The Human Body Corporation


Make a Cell (In your classroom, you and your students can make a model of a cell and some of its parts).


Healthy Heart


Teacher resource Human Body Lesson Plans 



Other sources for use with Zygote Body


3D Human Anatomy 

20 little facts known about human body

Bank on it! Worksheet

If I were a ...........? 

The Cardiac 100






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