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Edmodo in Literacy

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Edmodo is considered to be a social media site that allows students and teachers to connect to one another in a safe and secure manner. This instant-posting hub allows kids and faculty to engage in sharing ideas, assignments, and resources. It is a homepage, of sorts, that allows classes to connect and  manage activities.



The Edmodo homepage looks like this. To get started, you push the I'm a Teacher button.






Once you push that button, it will bring you to this page. Enter your information, and you will be registered for an Edmodo homepage.






Once you enter your site, you will need to create a group. On the left hand side of your screen you will see a blue tab that says join/create group. Click on create and make a new group for the class.







Once you have created a group, a code will appear. This code will give your students access to your homepage when they register.




This is your Edmodo homepage. Now that you have it, you can post information including assignments, polls, quizzes, websites for kids to access at home, and a classroom calendar.




Having trouble getting students going on Edmodo? Have them watch this video, or create your own to make them feel comfortable with their new site.




How to incoperate Edmodo with literacy standards:

  • Edmodo allows students and teachers to attach files to any post made on the homepage. A fun activity for students would be to record themselves reading a book and post it, or email it via Edmodo. It is a great way to for students to practice their reading skills, and it makes it possible for the teacher to monitor the students' progress and
  • Because teachers can make different groups, a book club would be a fun activity. Each book would have its own group/homepage, which would allow students to post summaries, reactions, and predictions as well as taking pop quizzes and polls related to their specific text. They can interact with other members in their book club, and post responses to their fellow students' work. It also allows the teacher to pick level appropriate texts for each group.
  • Have students create a book review video. Each group would give a brief overview of the plot, setting, and characters. After they have summarized the text, they may give a recommendation of why other students should or should not read the book.


There are countless other ways to intergrate Edmodo in the class; explore and enjoy!


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