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Resume Now

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By: Chelsea Campanelli




What is Resume-Now?

Resume-now.com is a free website that helps people of all ages create and format their personal resumes. This website offers individuals a fast and easy way to write resumes. Individuals using this site can recreate a previous resume by uploading files to the site, or they can create an entirely new resume from the beginning. Resume-Now provides users with various templates and writing tips that fit personal and professional styles. This website can be accessed anywhere from a computer, whether it is at home, in educational settings, or business settings. If an individual is struggling on where to start on writing and formatting a resume, Resume-now.com is the perfect place to start!




  • Guides that help you through each step
  • Multiple templates
  • Writing tips
  • Easy to use designs
  • Website accepts multiple file formats (used when uploading files)
  • TextTurner Program (program that helps with writer’s block)
  • Live help 7 days a week (6am – Midnight EST)



How Do I Use Resume-now.com? 

  1. Click on the button Create My Resume
  2. Fill out required information and follow prompt
  3. Create an account so you can edit and save your resume
  4. Follow tips to create and edit your resume



How Does Resume-now.com relate to Colorado Content Standards?

Resume-now.com can relate to a few Colorado content standards. By using Resume-now.com, students will be using writing skills to develop their resumes. That fits to the Colorado Model Content Standards, Reading and Writing: Standard 2. Students write and speak for a variety of purposes and audiences. In order to meet this standard, students will:

  • write and speak for a variety of purposes such as telling stories, presenting analytical responses to literature, conveying technical information, explaining concepts and procedures, and persuading;
  • write and speak for audiences such as peers, teachers, and the community;
  • plan, draft, revise, proofread, and edit written communications;
  • use a variety of devices such as figurative language, symbolism, dialect, and precise vocabulary to convey meaning;
  • use handwriting and at the most appropriate time, word processing to produce a product that is legible.


Resume-now.com can also relate to the Colorado Department of Education’s access skills. CDE defines access skills as: “underlying skills students need to reach specific indicators for content standards, life outcomes, career membership and community membership.” This specifically applies to students in special education. There are a few access skills that relate to writing resumes. One of the skills it relates to is organization and the skills that underlie it include:

  • demonstrating time management skills
  • gaining and applying study skills and learning strategies
  • managing self
  • self-monitoring
  • using and organizing materials appropriately
  • sequencing events to plan
  • identifying and accessing resources

The other access skill that using resume-now.com as a technology tool falls under is technology. The skills required for this are:

  • demonstrating computer literacy
  • selecting technology appropriate to the situation
  • applying technology using keyboarding skills


  • accessing computer system (turning on/off)
  • indicating understanding of cause/effect
  • selecting and using appropriate software
  • using technology information

The final access skill related to this website is career development and the skills needed:

  • demonstrating ability to make, pursue, and maintain personal employment choices
  • selecting career areas of interest and abilities
  • shadowing or training in selected area
  • identifying vocational education needs requisite for career path


For more information on the Colorado content standards visit: http://www.cde.state.co.us/scripts/allstandards/COStandards.asp


For more information on the Colorado Access Skills visit: http://www.cde.state.co.us/cdesped/download/pdf/AccessSkills.pdf




How Do I Use Resume-Now.com In The Classroom?

Resume-Now.com could be used easily in a variety of 9th – 12th grade classrooms. Teachers in math, science, history, and language arts could assign students to create a resume specifically on their academic skills to gain background in that subject matter. Specifically, Resume-now.com can be used in a 9th – 12th grade mild to moderate needs classroom. In this classroom, teachers would be teaching students about self-advocacy and would help students plan their future. Having students in this class write resumes would definitely teach them lifelong skills that will be used to help them get accepted to college and gain career experience. Since Resume-Now.com is free to use, students would be able to easily access this tool at home, school, or any other academic environment.




Helpful Links


Resume-now is powered by LiveCareer: http://www.livecareer.com/home.aspx?cobrand=RSMN

How to use a resume: http://www.iseek.org/jobs/resumeuses.html

Resume critique: http://www.livecareer.com/resume-check

Resume guide: http://www.livecareer.com/resume-guide



Photo Links

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Photo #2: http://website.informer.com/resume-now.com

Photo #3: http://computype.bizland.com/high_school_resume.htm



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