What is MapQuest? 


Museums in The United States Lesson Plan (6th-8th grade level)

Content Area- Social Studies- Mapping

Map Template.docx  


 Wiki List of Museums to Explore.docx


Tutorial Video for



Here are several URLs that will take you to different mapping sites in case you cannot find the location of the museum you are looking for on MapQuest. Right click on each link to open link.

5 Supporting URLs for students to use if they need further assistance in locating their museum.

1.Google Maps-

2.Bing Maps-

3.Yahoo Maps-

4.Yellow Pages-



Rubric for Mapping Activity

1. Map should include: ALL 5 museums neatly drawn out from the school to the point at which it is located in the US.

2. A paragraph for each museum. Each paragraph should contain information about the museum of your choice.Look at the activity for ideas on what to write about.

3. A tutorial is provided for further instructions on how to use MapQuest.