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What is MapQuest? 

  • MapQuest is a mapping tool that gives easy to follow directions anywhere in the world. We will be using this tool to find museums that are located in the United States.There are a lot of things that are available for use in this website, but we will only be using the directions tool for our project. Below are the steps that students can take in the classroom to complete a mapping project.
  • MapQuest also has a search engine that allows people to find dining at restaurants, hotels, airports, and many other entertainment amenities.  
  •  Included in the lesson is a tutorial that specifies easy to follow directions on how to use MapQuest in order to get direction from point A to point B.


Museums in The United States Lesson Plan (6th-8th grade level)

Content Area- Social Studies- Mapping

  •  First step: Click on the link and print out the map template. We will be pinpointing locations of the museums in the US. Here is the link we should use to printout the Map Template.

Map Template.docx  


  • Second step: Pick 5 museums from the linked document below that would be fun and interesting to learn more about

 Wiki List of Museums to Explore.docx


  • Third step:  Above each museum picture there is a link that will allow you to go to the website for the museum. Please right click the link and it will have a prompt to open the website. Follow the link to the museum to open the website.
  • Forth step:  Write about the museum you are researching. Include things such as; What does the museum specialize in? Is there a theme? Find 5 things that are interesting to you and write about them.When you are finished, you should have 5 museums that include all of the above information for each.
  • Fifth step: Locate the museum on the map and put a star on that site. Make sure that you have the correct city and state before placing the star on the location. 
  • Sixth and final step:  Watch the tutorial video on this page in order to be familiar on how to find locations and directions. Please make a line from where you are at (School in Greeley Colorado) to the correct museum. Do this for ALL 5 museums in order to get full credit. Here is the link to MapQuest:



Tutorial Video for MapQuest.com



Here are several URLs that will take you to different mapping sites in case you cannot find the location of the museum you are looking for on MapQuest. Right click on each link to open link.

5 Supporting URLs for students to use if they need further assistance in locating their museum.

1.Google Maps- http://maps.google.com/

2.Bing Maps- http://www.bing.com/maps/

3.Yahoo Maps- http://maps.yahoo.com/

4.Yellow Pages- http://www.yellowpages.com/map

5. Maps.com- http://www.maps.com/drivesolo.aspx


Rubric for Mapping Activity

1. Map should include: ALL 5 museums neatly drawn out from the school to the point at which it is located in the US.

2. A paragraph for each museum. Each paragraph should contain information about the museum of your choice.Look at the activity for ideas on what to write about.

3. A tutorial is provided for further instructions on how to use MapQuest.













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