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Kids Discovery

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                                                                                Wiki Page By; Carmen Hoffmann






          Discovery Kids: An internet source for teachers, parents and students alike to browse and interact with learning about animals, oceans, correcting misconceptions by clicking on and interacting with the Myth Busters. For teachers there are activities and quizzes they can use for a certain unit of science to emphasize the subject matter more in depth to the students and gives the students an idea that science is fun. Also for teachers there are recipes and science experiments to utilize in the classroom or as a class project or science fair project for the students. This tool is a great way for students, especially younger students to discover science and the different concepts and factual information on almost all things science.

     A great  teacher resource for Science and using Discoverykids is Discovery Education.

    Discovery Kids & Science:

     Myth Busters Lab: students can use the myth busters lab in Discovery Kids to learn about the different misconceptions about animals, food, sports, weather and the human body. Students can join Adam and Jaime to correct misconceptions and learn interesting facts about these different things.

     Tell Me More!:  students can click on any one of the links about science or How big Antarctica is, to discover new information and use this tab to do simple research on almost anything to do with science. Also there is a curiosity corner which students can click on the different questions within the subjects. For example: under Animals, there is a question Why Are Skunks Black and White? These type of prompts get kids' curiosity to find out more, even do a project on a subject or question that they are interested in and learning about through Discover Kids.

     Activities students who are in the mood to be experimental and trying out crazy science recipes can use the Activities tab to help with creative ideas. Another thing on the activities page is ideas for science experiments. This could be used for a project at the end of a unit or for a science fair happening in school.

     Games:  Under the games icon students can play different skills games that are offered. The link I am most liking is the Build and Play. This is where students can play and build for example Volcanoes or a Roller Coaster. These are the two that are available now on the link.



Science Experiments on Discovery Kids: http://kids.discovery.com/activities/science-experiments

Discovery Kids Quizzes: http://kids.discovery.com/quizzes

Discovery Kids Tell Me More: http://kids.discovery.com/tell-me

Discovery Education Teacher Resources: http://www.discoveryeducation.com/teachers/free-lesson-plans/weather-maps.cfm

Discovery Education Lesson Plan: http://www.discoveryeducation.com/teachers/free-lesson-plans/people-and-space.cfm

Discovery Education: Science of Everyday Life:http://scienceofeverydaylife.discoveryeducation.com/index.cfm?campaign=flyout_students_programs_soel










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