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Chemistry   Freezeraycom

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What is it?


Freezeray.com is a database that offers fun and creative teaching aids for interactive whiteboards. It is a great resource for both secondary and K-12 science teachers. The database includes tutorials, simulations, animations, and lesson aids. The website currently only holds teaching aids for the three main hard sciences (physics, chemistry, and biology) but more is planned for the future. What sets Freezeray.com apart from the numerous other educational flash animation databases is that these flash animations are fun and engaging.



How Does it work?


The resources found on Freezeray.com are constructed to be used alongside a well developed lesson. The interactive flash resources can be embedded into PowerPoint presentations or downloaded onto the teachers computer. The flash demonstrations serve to engage the students and help them understand complex concepts and theory. The tutorials and simulations can be performed in groups and used in place of a lab.






Freezeray.com is a product of Great Barr School which is a secondary school in Birmingham, England. I would recommend reading more about this innovative school if time permit. 





Physics Example


Voltage and Current - shows how the current of a simple circuit depends on the voltage different voltages can be selected and the current and voltage can be read off the meter.




Chemistry Example


Identifying Salts - combine flame testing for alkali metals and the precipitation of silver halides to identify salts



Biology Example


Antagonistic pairs - the arm can be moved up and down showing how the pair of muscles work together



Examples of its use in the classroom


A smart inclusion project from Canada


Excel Academy marks Freezeray.com as a teacher resource


Topmarks.com cites freezeray as a fun and interactive flash animation website


i-biology says freezeray.com is a flash animation website that actually works to engage students in the classroom


Freezeray.com has been cited on scoop.it several times as a useful and powerful science teacher resource






Great Barr Schools



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