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Wordle Vocabulary

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Stephanie Nickerson

This picture is from http://www.angelamaiers.com/2008/11/wordle-in-the-c.html posted Nov. 10th 2008 by Delaney Kirk.

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a web page that lets you enter words into a text box and then the site creates a graphic image of the words using color, text alignment, size, and different fonts to make it visually appealing.

How do I Use Wordle?

You can enter anything into the text box that you want to but there is a trick to it.  You cannot enter the same word more than once.  If you do, the amount of times you enter the word will determine the size of the word, not the amount of times that it appears in the graphic.  While you are entering your text it is important to keep in mind that numbers will not show up.  Changing a setting in Wordle can change this but it is automatically set up like this because you can use number codes to make the text fly into the graphic when you initially open it. Once you have entered your text into the box click on the link go and it will make the graphic using the words that you entered.  At this page you gain the ability to manipulate the words so that you can make it more visually appealing to yourself.  Wordle will have already created a graphic but you can change it by selecting: edit, language, font, layout and color or you can change it by selecting randomize at the bottom of the graphic.  Randomize will let Wordle create another graphic using the same words again and it will limit your ability to format the graphic on your own. 

If you open the graphic in a window you can format using the tabs that I mentioned before: edit, language, font, layout and color.  Once you have finished creating your Wordle you can print it off but you can also post it on the public gallery that is hosted on the Wordle site of others’ Wordles that have been created.  Wordle has trouble working correctly with the web browser Internet Explorer, Mozzila Firefox is a better browser to use for this application.

How to Apply Wordle in the Classroom:

1) Wordle can be used to create attractive pages for synonym books.  Most teachers will print a list of synonyms for common words that students overuse and hand them out for the students to reference.  With Wordle the students can create synonym sheets for themselves.  This gives them the opportunity to work with the vocabulary and to use technology to make a synonym reference book that they could keep with them through high school.

2) Wordle can also be used to make weekly vocabulary pages, sight word pages, word family pages, antonym pages, etc.  I would not use Wordle for sentences, I would just use it for single words because it creates an attractive page but it would be hard to read the words if they were in a sentence.

3) Real Life Application.  Have the students brain storm how they could use Wordle in Real Life: advertising, spreadsheets, creating graphic-ts etc.  Then set up a situation where they can use Wordle for that application purpose.

Additional Links for Extra Support:

Wordle can be found at: http://www.wordle.net/  

For extra help with using Wordle you can go to the Wordle Blog: http://groups.google.com/group/wordleusers/topics

To see more completed Wordles visit the Wordle gallery: http://www.wordle.net/gallery

This is a video link for more ideas on Wordle in the classroom: http://www.slideshare.net/JenniferW/wordle-ideas

This is a slideshow that show how students have used Wordle: http://edudemic.com/2010/07/45-interesting-ways-to-use-wordle-in-the-classroom/

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