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Voki Special Ed

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Voki: An innovative technological tool for Special Education

What is Voki

Voki is a free online service that allows students and teachers to create an Avatar, which allows vocal features to educational tools. Students can record their voice or type in text and their Avatar will vocally read the text. It can be used as a language tool and is a fun way for students to expand their language acquisition. Students can publish what they write and communicate online with their classmates, it can be used as an editing software as well. In special education

Voki can be helpful when provided to students who struggle with vocal communication, it can be another augmentative communication device used. 


How to create an Avatar 

  1. The first step is to register online at http://www.voki.com/
  2. Then you can customize your character by creating the body of your Avatar from a wide array of options including monsters, and 3-D real life characters such as movie stars, politicians, and a wide variety of other characters. Next you edit your Avatar by selecting the hair and clothing that will be seen. 
  3. After creating the visual appearance of your Avatar the next step is to give it a voice. The student can type or record by phone or mico-phone. Or they also have an option of uploading a micro-file. The voce can be customized including the language spoken, the accent, gender and a wide array of other vocal options. 
  4. There also is an option of changing the background of the screen shot that the Avatar appears in.
  5. The player editing option changes the screen frame surrounding the Avatar.


By creating a personalized Avatar, students can connect and associate with their Avatar and will become engaged with the creation process. It also sparks their interest with the Voki educational tool and they will want to utilize the tool in the classroom. 



How to publish

  1. After you have created the Avatar and customized it to your liking
  2. There is a publish button located underneaththe backgrounds and frames buttons
  3. Once the Avatar is saved and you are in the publish menu, the student can select the size of the Avatar or "player" 
  4. There is an option to connect your Avatar to a wide variety of popular technology such as Facebook, Youtube, twitter, blogspot, and many others.  
  5. After selecting all of the options that the student wants, the embedded code (web url) is provided to connect and finally publish the Avatar.  


Lesson Plans provided on the Voki Website

There is a lesson plan tab provided on the Voki website as well, it provides a tool for teachers to share lessons on a variety of subjects. The website link is http://www.voki.com/lesson_plans.php. You can utilize the lesson plan search through subject or grade and the lessons are rated from 1-5 stars. 


Teaching Implications 

Under http://www.voki.com/learn.php on the Voki website it provides educational insights for users and educators. There is a teacher's corner that is a forum that can be used by other Voki users or educators that has a variety of sections such as questions and answers, ideas and future requests, newbies corner, voki classroom, and voki partner sights.

There is a wide variety of lessons that can be done with Voki and its online educational tools. In special education it is important to adapt to student needs and the vocal abilities and communication that Voki provides opens up many doors to provide quality, individualized educational strategies and techniques to students. There are many tools both for the educator and the student on the sight and provides a way for students to interact with each other and learn in a fun way. Voki provides a voices for students who don't have one. 

  1. One lesson that Voki can be used for is creating the Avatar so students have the technology available later to use in the classroom.
  2. For students who have limited communication or are ESL learners Voki can be a vocal advocacy tool that they can use in the classroom to communication, when otherwise communication would be limited without proper technology provided.
  3. Voki can be used as an editing tool as well by having student type in their paragraphs, and their Avatar will read back what was written. The students who are vocal learners and listeners can then hear what they have written and make changes.  


Examples of how Voki is used in the classroom:







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