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Drama Wikipedia

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About Wikipedia 


Wikipedia is a Wiki-based Internet Encyclopedia where users add and edit content. Wiki’s are webpages designed to allow for user-modification through simple fields for entering text, images, and videos. Wikipedia is unique as a wiki because of its high rate of users, multiple languages, and specified use as an internet encyclopedia. Wikipedia is unique from other encyclopedias in that its content is built from many users, rather than from a limited group of authority figures. Wikipedia is organic in a sense that many new articles appear daily, while many others are edited and revised. From this process, Wikipedia allows users to quickly access a multitude of information.






How to Submit Articles to Wikipedia



A written abbreviation:


According to Ehow.com:

1.  Open the Wikipedia Main Page. Click ‘Sign In/ Create Account’ to add new material to Wikipedia.

2. Access the Wikipedia Help page by clicking ‘Help’ in the navigation box. Click ‘Editing Wikipedia’ and find ‘Creating Pages—How To:’. Then click ‘Start A New Page.’ (Steps 3 – 13 detail various Help topics for processes that can be used to create/edit a Wikipedia page—see link from Ehow.com).

14.  Go to the Help page, and then click 'Editing Wikipedia.' Under 'Creating Pages--How To:', click 'Start A New Page.' Select 'Starting A Page From A Link, Or After A Search' from the Contents box.

15.  Select 'Starting A Page Through The URL' from the Contents box for an alternate method of starting a page. You can also choose 'Creating An Empty Page' from the Contents box or 'Creating Using A Redirect To A Sub Or Supra Topic Page' from the Contents box for additional ways to create an editable page.

16.  Write and submit an article or article stub.






Wikipedia In the Classroom


Wikipedia offers students an introduction to resources, wiki application, and research skills. There are contrasting opinions about the reliability of Wikipedia as its own resource, however.


Wikipedia’s use in the classroom causes debate among educators because many observe that, due to user editing, the site is not a reliable academic resource. Though the site is maintained by editors who monitor articles for content, claims, and proper citation of resources, some information is presented with inconsistencies. Other teachers believe that Wikipedia provides a valuable online resource for students to gateway to other resources (Wikipedia can be used as a starting point to search for other resources based on a single topic.) and observe educational connections to “real-world” application. These teachers also point out that Wikipedia gives students an example of Wiki usage online, and a purposeful application of internet technology in providing information of all kinds.


The debate about Wikipedia’s reliability can allow teachers to use Wikipedia to examine research skills in the 21st Century.


A speaker in the Harvard Educational Review points out the impact of Wikipedia on educating students about research: “The discussion regarding Wikipedia, research, and sources of information cannot be reasonably separated from the discourse on critical media literacy. A researcher must be able to analyze her sources for various degrees and types of bias. My experience with teaching Wikipedia, however, has convinced me that teaching critical research skills requires its own niche in curriculum design” (Harouni).

Wikipedia offers students an introduction to resources, wiki application, and research skills.




Harouni, H. (2009). High School Research and Critical Literacy: Social Studies With and

            Despite Wikipedia.                 https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2KgTTZDlh2QZjMyMmM3YTctZWEyYS00MDkxLTg3N2ItNDZhMzBhYzMwYWY4/edit?pli=1


Wikipedia In the Drama Classroom


Drama classrooms require students to participate in physical and mental activities to create, perform, and critically respond. These classrooms tend to base activities on either skill-building or response to a dramatic text.


In all classrooms, Wikipedia introduces students to resources, technological applications, and research skills that are valuable to their skill and text-based collaborative accomplishments.


Because skill-based learning in Drama classrooms so often takes place through direct teacher-to-student instruction, many students are not exposed to building their skills through a constant research of various acting approaches and technologies used throughout theatrical history. By applying Wikipedia to the Drama classroom, students are introduced to a technological application that they can apply in their research for skills and the historical basis for their training. Learning then moves beyond the basic skills understood, analyzed, and applied in the classroom, and students begin to evaluate their own learning process.


Both Acting and Theatre Technology classrooms use dramatic text as a basis for their work. Theatrical design combines artistic perspective and execution with the intents of the play. Acting combines the creativity of performance with the research required for a role in a play. Wikipedia provides an outlet for researching the context of a play. Other aspects of performance and response related to a text can be introduced through topics found in Wikipedia articles. For example, a teacher wanting to look up critical reviews of a play can look up the play on Wikipedia, and observe any notes about critical reaction in the article about that play: they can then proceed to use other resources from the Wikipedia article on their play to further their research.

Though the video below does not specifically reference Wikipedia, Wiki spaces are referenced as a resource for Collaboration.  Collaboration is a crucial benefit to the use of technology in the classroom, and wiki spaces (like Wikipedia) allow users to input, react to, and discuss ideas in an environment that fosters an integration of resources.


Theatre fosters student success by creating an environment of collaboration. Wikipedia serves theatre effectively because it fosters that same action among its users.





Ideas for Classroom Wikipedia Projects

(Please feel free to add your own!)




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