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What is SCRATCH?


SCRATCH was developed by an oragnization out of MIT to make computer programming accessible to all. Videos and music videos are the culmination of complex codes. This program helps simplify theses codes to make video making more accessible. This program is unique in comparison to other programs like iMovie or MovieMaker because as you create the movie you create two types of scripts. One script maintains the pictures and movement of the movie while the other contains the coded script. This program is kid friendly and designed for children between the ages of 8 and 16.


Why should I use SCRATCH?


SCRATCH can be used for student projects in all subjects. It is easy for students to comprehend and fun to use. The students can let their creativity take over and develop great movies. This is a great integrative tool to use in the classroom.  

The creators of SCRATCH say, “As young people create and share Scratch projects, they learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also learning to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively.”


How do I use SCRATCH?



Start by hitting the Download SCRATCH button. This program is free of charge.


Choose the appropriate download for your computer


Follow the directions as the download continues.


Scratch will open when it has finished downloading and install a shortcut on your desktop. The shortcut is an orange cat.


The window looks very similar to the iMovie or MovieMaker set up.


On the left hand side is a panel which you can use to write your script.


Use the buttons on the top left side that say motion, look, sound, ect. to begin selecting the movement of your character (this is the coded part).


In the second panel from the left there are three tabs. The first is the script. This is where you will see the code of the movie.


The second tab is the costume or background tab. This allows you to change the background or edit the character for the movie.


The third tab is the sound tab. Here you can write or import your music.


Next to this you can see the white screen. This is the visual part of the SCRATCH program.

The program will automatically choose the orange cat as the character for your movie. Not to worry. If you right click on the orange cat you can delete him.


The program calls these characters “sprites.” Just below the white box there are three buttons. This is where you can choose your new sprite.


The button closest to the left allows you to draw your own sprite. The middle button lets you pick a sprite, and the farthest to the right will randomly select a sprite for you.


These are the basic things you need to know to begin creating your movie.

Now, you can experiment with the page. Youtube has a lot of videos with good advice on making a movie for creating a movie and using each of the tools and codes. I have included a link to a few of those videos below. You can also visit the "about" page on the main SCRATCH website.

How do I bring SCRATCH to my classroom?


Lesson Idea 1: Scratch Slideshows on Culture

For this lesson activity the students would complete a narrated movie of their culture. The students will use a camera and document their daily lives and interests. Then they will select some of those images and write a script. Then they will design their movie using SCRATCH. Some of them may have used iMovie or MovieMaker in the past but they need to use SCRATCH for this activity. SCRATCH uses the codes and design more than the other programs do. This would also be a good introduction to the program because if the students have had experience making movies before it will not be as foreign to them. It is also useful to teach students about a new tool when they are working on something they are comfortable with. Instead of trying to teach new content information they are learning more about the tool. This lesson would also be used for upper elementary grades.


Lesson Idea 2: Moving Timeline

In this lesson idea the students will develop a timeline of America from 1491 through the American Revolution. The students can work in groups or individually. Each student or group will be assigned a period of time. They will use SCRATCH to create a detailed timeline of the years they were assigned. When this project is done the students will be able to post their videos on the SCRATCH website and this will serve as a resource for the students to watch and review. This lesson would allow students to be creative and experiment with the program. It would serve as a good introduction lesson for students.


Lesson Idea 3: Make a game

Most students have played "Oregon Trail." In this lesson students would design their own game about a historical period. 

Students will work in groups to develop a game on SCRATCH that can be played by their classmates. Each group will be given a time period or an event that the game will center around. The students will have to plan out their game ahead of time so that it will be accurate. In the planning stage they will design characters, actions, and consequences for the character.

This activity would be used with upper elementary grades and only after the students had some experiences working with SCRATCH.


Videos, Links, and Other Resources



The following are the websites I used for my information. They have a lot more information and are worth exploring. Youtube has a multitude of videos a tutorials as well. This tool is also easily integrated into any math curriculum.


Video Tutorials: 







Lesson Ideas:



















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