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What is it? 

Vyew is an online tool for collaboration. Each person enters a room where they can edit and/ or make comments on a document, picture, video, or pdf. This tool creates a room for each group to upload their personal projects and enter comments/edit/revise the page. There are different setting levels the group moderator(or moderators) set about who has certain editing privileges. For example, if some students were working on a project they could give the teacher access to see what's going on but not to edit or comment. Vyew allows pages to be saved as pdfs or images so they can be presented seperately after they've been edited or commented onhttp://vyew.com/s/


What benefits are there? 

  • There is a specific objective which work and content spiral into.  
  • It is free and easy to access
  • Anyone can join with internet access and have real time conversations
  • It is compatible on Mac, PC, and Linux and runs on all browsers and platforms
  • It integrates any type of digital content(ex video, music, picture)
  • You can track progress and conversations throughout an activity
  • Authoring area of is a lot like creating a PowerPoint presentation
  • Allows for external publishing
  • Allows up to 10 students to participate in a room at a time
  • Real-time desktop sharing, students can see what is being done as it is happening
  • Built-in screen capture tool for making step by step tutorials
  • Students and teacher have whiteboard drawing tools for on-screen collaboration


(Accessed and edited from: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ogcldakngnllchlnncngiailfhidjjdp)

(Accessed and edited from: http://ilearntechnology.com/?p=3221)


What does it teach students? 

The primary purpose of this tool in an elementary classroom is for students to work together and be able to edit and revise their work to get to a presentable finishing point. This tool allows students to communicate instantaneously from different locations via the internet. Students learn making mistakes is okay and how to correct them by using this tool which is an important life skill. Students are not limited by a certain format and encouraged to expand their knowledge and skill working with tools like powerpoint, word, excel, and adobe reader.


How can it be used?

This tool is a platform for students to share work so it could work well in a variety of projects.

Vyew can extend the classroom and teaching, tutor students individually, offer courses to home school families, connect students with other classrooms, record in-class learning for students who are absent or have a long-term illness.  When teachers take their classrooms online they give parents another opportunity ot be involved in the student’s education and learn along side their student.  Vyew offers students the ability to connect with the teacher outside if the classroom and on their own terms. (Accessed and edited from: http://ilearntechnology.com/?p=3221)


Screen sharing is when a teacher has an item on their computer they have not uploaded to Vyew, but would like to use in the lesson.  The features of Vyew can be used on a document on the desktop, such as the whiteboard feature.  This tool can show a variety of pictures that we have in a file in our pc without using class time in uploading them in Vyew. Screen shot can be combined with screen sharing to import any files type that Vyew does not directly import.  The Sticky Notes are a feature both the teacher and students can use to add something. The sticky notes can be either closed or open and can be used in a variety of language activities.

(Accessed and edited from: http://beyondwebct.wetpaint.com/page/Vyew)


Students can navigate the workspace independently to collaborate on different portions of the content. The sessions can be recorded for playback.Upload course material for real-time presentations.  The students, at any grade level, can meet online and collaborate together in real time or separately over time.  Instructors can access and comment on student work with the students or at their convenience.  An example is a creative writing assigment where students are asked to review a set of images, come up with a story, arrange the images in a way that best reflects their story and write their story based on their arrangement of the images.

(Accessed and edited from: http://www.slideboom.com/presentations/75800)


Lesson/Activity Examples


One very simple activity could be as ice-breaker: everybody writes on a sticky notes own characteristics like languages spoken, pets owned, places visited, likes and dislikes in general and so on. There will also be the picture of all students loaded on Vyew. After two or three round of questions student should try to discuss and attach the correct sticky note to the right person. This create the concept of a real community of learning within the classroom to improve the cooperative learning. If students barely know each other will never feel like a community of practice with the common goal of learning the target language together.  An activity like this is important in face to face classroom and maybe even more in an online environment where a distant feeling must be overcome.

(Accessed and edited from: http://beyondwebct.wetpaint.com/page/Vyew)


The Learning Spot is an online source with ditigal lesson plans.  Interactive whiteboards allow much more participation from students. Before, teachers who wanted to have interactive lessons were forced to prepare them on paper ahead of time, tape them to the white board, and hope the activity was not damaged. An interactive whiteboard, software can be utilized to create completely interactive activities that can be saved for future years.   


(Accessed and edited from: http://www.ehow.com/way_5229875_tips-interactive-whiteboard-lessons-online.html)


This is a series of online math education videos.  The videos are done with Vyew and posted to blip.  Students are becoming familiar with two different tools on the internet.  The videos range in the math skills being taught and differ in the way they are taught.  For example, one of the videos is about fractions, the video is a visual and the concepts are a song.  This is helpful for learning the skill and a catchy way of learning.


(Accessed and edited from: http://blip.tv/math-education-show)


The website is titled, “In English Please.”  This website has examples for lessons for teaching different aspects of Language arts and the English language.  This is a teacher resource that can start a lesson.  There is a fee if a teacher would like to receive lessons from the source.  This resource uses both Vyew and Skype.  Here teachers are becoming familiar with two different internet resources. 

(Accessed and edited from: https://sites.google.com/site/studyenglishanywhere/example-lessons)


A high school teacher, Pat Aroune, integrated skype and Vyew into her history classroom and noticed significant changes in students. She had them study for tests using the online whiteboard on Vyew. She also began using Vyew for primary documents by posting documents with an open ended question for students to create digital content backing up their answers. Her students began to express more of their personalities than they had without using these online tools. This tool also allowed them to communicate more than classroom hour constrains did.

(Accessed and edited from: http://vyew.com/site/customers/success-stories/#high-school-collab)




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