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Drama: Using Movie Maker and iMovie

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What is Movie Maker & iMovie?


Movie Maker and iMovie are two easy and comprehensive video editing programs that allow the user to create videos, photo albums, and other presentations.


How do I use Movie Maker or iMovie?


Depending on your operating system, these free resources are very user friendly. Here are a couple of tutorials which cover the basic applications of each program. Click on the logo below for the program tutorial of interest.


These tutorials will cover the following information:


-Uploading Media

-Editing Video

-Incorporating Audio

-Developing Transitions

-Creating Text for Titles or descriptions



     Movie Maker Tutorial                          iMovie Tutorial





How is Movie Maker or iMovie beneficial in the Drama classroom?


Programs such as these are beneficial in theatre curriculum because they allow students to explore drama through a different medium and allow students to continue furthering their technological applications.


Students are able to individualize their ideas in applications such as these through various project ideas which include:


- Creating design presentations for areas such as costumes, publicity, set, and make up

- Creating their own movies to scripts

- Exploring scripts with a visual perspective

- Recording and evaluating performances

- Experiencing other roles in the film and theatre profession

- ETC...


The following link is an example lesson on Improvisation Games using these programs:



How can I implement Movie Maker or iMovie into other content areas?


These programs are a great way of enagaging students and allowing them to express their understanding of content through a creative outlet. Students could work individually or in groups to portray their comprehension of the content. Some examples of different subject areas and lesson ideas include the following:


Music: Lesson on how to play "Someone Like You," by Adelle on the piano

This is a video tutorial showing students how to play a song on the piano. Students could either create this type of video as a presentation/assessment or teachers could provide a video like this as a learning aid.


Art: A music video of Jack Johnson's, "Banana Pancakes" in which an art student created visual aids to compliment the music

This video shows the potential final product from an art class in which students create a cartoon to accompany music.


Spanish: Summary video of 101 common Spanish phrases

This video is a great resource for students to utilize in the class or at home. This is a great way to ensure the students are getting accurate and frequent practice. Students could also create a tutorial video as a presentation/assessment.


Physics: Introduction video of Newton's 3 Laws

This video is a little more advanced with it's transitions and "accessories," but still illustrates how teachers could make new ideas and concepts more engaging than just lecturing.


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