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Scratch in a Foriegn Language

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Presented by: Erika Escalera and Ashley Grooms


What is it?

            -Scratch is a downloaded program that allows students to create interactive stories, games, music and art. It also allows students to upload their work to the scratch site as well as view other works by students and teachers alike.

            -The name Scratch comes from the DJ styling’s known as Scratch where the DJ remixes or creates new music.


How do I get it?

  1. Go to http://scratch.mit.edu/
  2. Select download (it’s free!)
  3. Select your system! 


How does it work?

            -Overall the technology is much easier to use than most programs since it is geared towards students aged 9 to 16.

            -The technology utilizes blocks that can be linked together in order to create motion or timing within the screen.

            -The following links will take you through YouTube Lesson Series created by the same individuals. The lessons look at the components of the program and then goes through the steps of using his tools. The videos are narrated so it is important that your volume is up!

  Lesson 1


 Lesson 2

Lesson 3



Lesson 4


Lesson 5



What can I create with Scratch?

  1. Characters that move and speak or dance and sing.
  2. Character that can interact with one another.
  3. Images that whirl,
  4.  spin or animate in response to clicks or movements of the mouse.
  5. Images with sound effects or music clips
  6. A presentation for school
  7. A birthday card for a friend
  8. A game for class
  9. A movie for fun
  10. The possibilities are endless!


Scratch Project



 Scratch Project




What do I do with it when I am done?

            -The website where you download the application also allows you to upload the videos and movies that you have created. It also allows you to look at what other people have created –and if you like adjust what you see if you like it!


Uses of Scratch within Foreign Language

  1. If you wanted you have your class be able to experience the cultural foods but do not have the funds, you could create “cooking demos” where the students have an interactive “cooking” experience.
  2. If they are learning about cultural practices they can create and practice interacting appropriately with correct vocabulary and language structures. For instance; if they are learning how to respond to an invitation.
  3. If your students are learning “right and left” or other directional vocabulary you could create an interactive maze where your student is lost in it and has to get out using the vocabulary.
  4. For review purposes, students could create games (like jeopardy) and the entire class can play them. (GAME DAY!)
  5. Students could create cultural dance videos after learning about them; i.e. Flamenco, Tango, Salsa, et cetera.


Twenty First Century Skills

  1. Information and Communication Skills
  2. Thinking and Problem Solving
  3. Interpersonal and Self-Directional Skills


Links to help you get started

  1. http://scratch.mit.edu/
    1. This is the home site from here you can maneuver and download the rest of the site, as well as access the gallery of student works.
  2. http://info.scratch.mit.edu/Support
    1. This helps you get started and understand the programming
  3. http://scratch.mit.edu/forums/
    1. This is a place to go to get help and talk to other people using the program
  4. http://info.scratch.mit.edu/Scratch_in_the_News
    1. This is a listing of the program in the News, good and bad.
  5. http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/programming-scratch
    1. This is a blog done by a user.
  6. http://scratch.redware.com/lessonplan
    1. This site allows you to explore lesson plans and sample projects that have been created using the Scratch program.
  7. http://learnscratch.org/
    1. This site is an in depth tutorial of the program and from this page you can navigate to other resources such as lesson plans and a page that explains why you might want to use Scratch in your classroom.


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