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Art- Eled- Photography

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In today's world, we use photography for basically everything!  

It is a technology that can be used for many different things at many different times!  




Ever been embarrassed when you mom wanted a photo of you finishing the race at track and field day?




Have you gotten together with your family and taken large group photos?




 How about that funny photo of your little brother or sister with food on their face when they were a baby?




Photos can be a wonderful window to the past.  A way of marking a time period in our lives, a way to remember important events, and also a way of showing a visual representation of a study, a research project or adventure.


  Today, we have digital camera.  They save the photo to small memory card and we are then able to transfer them to a computer or even a photo copy store, like Kinkos or Walmart photo center.  


We can use the photos to create projects on the computer, or print them out and put them in a photo frame.



There are also many different computer programs to enhance our photos.  


Ever taken a photo and got a little scared at the results because everyone's eyes were RED?



Have you ever taken a photo and then discovered that it was too dark to see anything?



Some programs such as Photoshop are able to correct those photo mistakes.



You can also crop to photo to make it a certain size or zoom in on one specific point in the photo.



You can also use these programs to create cool effects, like making the photo black and white, or putting on a soft focus.




          Helpful Hints:

There are few things to keep in mind when taking photos.


1. Make sure that your flash is on or off depending on the light in the room.

2.  Make sure you are focused in on the subject of your photo.

3. Use you zoom in and out button to focus in on the subject.

4. Don't stand too close, or too far away.

5. Make sure you are holding the camera still, if you are shaky the photo will turn out blurry.





This is a link to a video tutorial for basic photography skills!






Lesson Plans containing Photography



Photography can be used in so many different places in the classroom. Having a wall for the students, post some pictures of them with fun information and facts to help them better know each other and build a learning community. You can incorporate photography in every subject, whether the students are taking the photos or you are taking the photos of them while completing a project!  We use visual aids and pictures to help us with everything we teach, helping scaffold the children's learning.  You can also teach the students to take thier own pictures and learn how to use them in projects or to enhance a science experiment.  Whatever it is you are doing in your classroom, photography is a part of it, and its important to know how to use it, whether it is your own photos or photos you get from somewhere else.


This is a website containing information and different lessons plans that can be used in the classroom.



  Here is a website that has photos that have been taken by kids throughout he world!



This is an awesome website about the group "Kids with Cameras." A group of kids that take pictures, it has their information and photos they have taken! Great website to show your kids!



A list of lesson plans for all subjects using Photography!  



And Finally a website that shows how to use digital photography in your classroom!







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