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Special Ed- Wordle

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What is Wordle?
Wordle is a website used to create "word clouds" from any text entered. It can be used randomly or journals, blogs, essays, etc. can be copied and pasted into the Wordle box. It takes the words entered and turns them into an image created by anyone. The Wordle font, color, and shape can be changed and customized. The Wordles are then saved to a public gallery or printed out, if the user chooses, and are available for viewing online.



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 Connection to Special Education:

Wordle can be a great tool for special educators to use in the classroom as it can be a creative way to get students who may be behind in English or have trouble emotionally or behaviorally interested in a new process to express their selves. Emotionally they can randomly type in words as they come to mind and if they type the same word more than once it will appear larger than the rest of the words, depending on how many times it appears in the Wordle. Behaviorally this could be a creative way to get a student to focus and type the class rules into a Wordle, the behaviors they display that are good, how they feel about the class rules, etc. The possibilities of what the Wordle can be about are endless.



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An example of a Wordle I created about summertime can be found here


Click here or on any of these links for great websites for ideas on various ways to use Wordle.


These are two videos on Youtube created with teachers in mind:


Wordle Basics


Extending Wordle




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