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Writing- Make Beliefs Comix

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Make Beliefs Comix


By Kathleen Walsh 






What is Make Beliefs Comix?


     Make Beliefs Comix is an online resource for students and teachers. This tool is a technology based way to write and create comic strips. With this website, students can create dialogue, develop interactions between   characters, change emotions, design settings, and express thoughts.








How can I incorporate Make Beliefs Comics into my classroom?


  • Creative Writing:

           This website can act as an introduction to the creative writing process. Because Make Beliefs Comix allows students to create plots, characters, setting, and other necessities within a story, students can use their imaginations to create a piece of writing that is entirely their own. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to work in teams. This teamwork promotes collaboration and the sharing of ideas.


  • Journaling:

          Make Beliefs Comix is a great way for students to document and journal specific times of events in their life. Students can share with their fellow classmates special stories, act out and solve conflicts, or keep these stories to themselves. When writing these journal entries, students can practice vocabulary, reflect on social scenarios, and practice conflict resolution. This website also offers a variety of languages that the students can write in. Teachers can encourage students to write another language that the class is studying to further practice on their foreign language writing skills.


  • Same Pictures, Different Story:

          No two students think the exact same way. Teachers can encourage a student’s individual creativity by creating one comic that a class of students will create dialogue for. Students will depend on their own imagination to create character identities, storylines, and settings. After each student is finished filling in the comic with their own ideas, they will share with each other in small groups. By the end of the activity, student should realize that pictures are not the only way to tell a story. Dialogue and text offer clues and information for what is going on within the images.









How do I use Make Beliefs Comix?


     To begin the process of creating a comic, students and teachers must first visit the Make Beliefs Comix website, http://www.makebeliefscomix.com. From here, students and teachers can choose a language to create in! Once a language is chosen, it’s time to begin creating the comic. First, visit the lower, right corner to choose the number of panels you would like to use. Visitors have the option to use two, three, or four panels. If you wish, change the color of these panels.


     Next, students and teachers can being entering settings, characters, dialogue clouds, and props to the comic. To choose a character, simply click on the individual that you would like to enter into the cell. The character will then show up in the selection window. Use the red arrows to choose different variations of the individual. You have the ability to see the person in different moods, sizes, or orientations on the screen. Once you’ve entered all of the images you would like to use, click on either the thought or talk balloons. Again, choose the size and orientation using the red arrows below the selection window, and click on the picture to enter it into the cell. Once the icon is entered into the comic, click to add the text you want to enter.


     Repeat these steps for the rest of the cells in your comic strip. Don’t forget to enter the author’s name and the name of the comic at the top of the page! When finished, click on the arrow titled “Next.” Here, students have the option to print, email, or attach their comic to a word document.


     To print the comic, simply select the “Print” button. To email the comic, fill out the required information and select “Send.” The printing option may be more suitable for teachers who want students to color in the comic. If teachers would like to easily view the comic via the computer to save paper and other resources, the email option would be optimal. If students are looking to save the comic to post on another resource like a word document or internet webpage, one must screen shot this page by holding down the “Fn” and “PrntScr” buttons. Save the image as a “.JPG” file. To crop the image of the screen shot, open a photo editing program like Paint, Live Photo Gallery or Photoshop and paste the picture. Crop all unwanted areas of the shot and save the document as an image. Now, you are able to place the comic on any medium of your choosing!




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