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Speech- VoiceThread (PB)

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VoiceThread is a multimedia website that allows students and educators to upload information in multiple forms including images, documents or videos in order to communicate with others in a collaborative manner. Students' work can be uploaded then commented on by individuals from all over the world.  VoiceThread is a unique website that is fully equipped to allow those who want to comment to make their comments in 5 different ways.  These 5 options include computer microphone, telephone, text, audio file and web cam. Another unique element to VoiceThread is the ability to “doodle” on files/images. This feature allows either the creator or the commenter to make drawing notes on the image itself.  Another great and helpful feature of VoiceThread is that there is no need to download software and it is available for free.The education journal Educause Learning Intitiative has this to say about VoiceThread.


General Use:

VoiceThread can be used in a number of different ways of in the classroom.  It can be used by students to create interactive projects and practice newly learned skills. It can also be helpful for educators when developing an instruction plan. To help with the process of VoiceThread they have created a step by step tutorial on its uses and capabilities.


Speech Class:

Voice thread can be used a number of different ways in a speech classroom. An example of its use in speech curriculum would be the use of VoiceThread for demonstrative speeches.  One of the main speeches found in almost all communication curriculum are demonstration speeches. Voice thread could be a very helpful tool to use for this type of speech. Using VoiceThread students can create a speech with a partner using videos and images and then share it with the others in the class. Using VoiceThread students can also make comments on each other’s speeches using one of the five commenting formats.  This could be helpful in keeping speech class interactive because often it can feel very single person oriented.


 This is an example of an uploaded demonstration video that could be a product of a speech class demonstration speech. In a speech class, however there would need to be voice overlay outlining the process of the steps. Voice overlay is also an easy to use feature that VoiceThread has to offer. 





http://twitter.com/voicethread - VoiceThread is using social media to make their product more relevant and accessible.

http://digitallyspeaking.pbworks.com/Voicethread - another wikispace breaking down important features of VoiceThread

http://voicethread4education.wikispaces.com/ - a wikispace about Voicethread focused on teacher’s use and professional development.

http://www.c4lpt.co.uk/Top100Tools/voicethread.html  - what others say about VoiceThread voted 19 in top 100 education tools by Center of Learning and Performance Technologies

VoiceThread also produced a Quickstart guide for educators.



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