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Writing-Google Maps

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Google Maps


Google Maps is an interactive web mapping service used on a global level.  It is a free technology provided by Google.  It started in 1992 by two Danish brothers, Lars and Jens Rasmussen, in Sydney Australia, Google Maps was originally called Where 2 Technology.  Google acquired the company in October of 2004, and transformed it into a web application.



How to use Google Maps in your classroom?


Google Maps offers a variety of maps for public use.  Some of these types include satellite, traffic, and terrain.  Below are two examples of how to use Google Maps.




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Google Maps in the Classroom


Google Maps is a flexible tool that can easily be utilzed in the classroom for a variety of subjects.  Example lesson plans and ideas can be found in the links below.


40 Ideas on Using Google Maps and Earth in the Classroom 



Ideas for Using Google Maps: Science, Social Studies, P.E., Art, Music



Social Studies Lesson Plan: Create Directions Using a Map of Your Home Town

Example lesson plan with google maps.doc


Science Lesson Plan: Climate 



Social Studies Lesson Plans: Variety of Topics and Age Levels 



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