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Science- Pixie 2

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What is Pixie 2?

Pixie 2 is a drawing program that can be saved as individual pictures, saved as
a movie, or as a web page. It includes clip art, backgrounds, sound, and
stickers. You can export a drawing to be used in other programs.





Pixie 2 by Tech 4 Learning allows students the ability to create their own original art and writing projects on their computer.  Easy to use drawing tools make graphic design a snap for students in all grades.  Teachers will find the pre-made lessons and activities easy to find and use with students, or can let their class start with a blank canvas where the only limit is a child's imagination. 


Curriculum Connections


Pixie2 provides opportunities for teachers in Elementary and Middle Schools to support their instruction across the curriculum.  Pre-made lessons and activities are available within the program and categorized by subject areas: 

My Activities - where students can store their work
All About Me - activities to tell your story
Language Arts - Alphabet, Parts of Speech, Reading, and Writing
Math- Fractions, Measurement, Money, Number Facts, Patterns, and more!
Science - Earth & Space, Health, Biology, Matter, Seasons, and Weather                                                                 
Social Studies - Community, Culture, Geography, History, Maps
Holidays - Activities sortable by months
Foreign Languages - French, German, and Spanish Activities

Pixie 2 is customizable for grade and learning level.  Additionally, it provides visual and auditory options appropriate for students with special needs. 

Templates - Dozens of ready made sheets
















Search for lessons and content standards correlations for Pixie Activities at the Tech 4 Learning Integration site

Manor ISD has created template examples for primary grades:  http://www.manorisd.net/technology/integration/tech4learning/science_K2.html

Pixie 2 is Easy to Use!

































Click on any picture below to see a full size image of projects made in Pixie2.


Equipment Needed


  • Networked computer for student access.  Pixie 2 has been virtualized in all FCPS Elementary Schools and is accessible via the Application Menu in the Multimedia Folder.
  • A trial verion of Pixie 2 can be downloaded at http://www.tech4learning.com/pixie.  FCPS Teachers can also acquire a work at home release form and software from their school's technology coordinator.
  • If you would like students to record narration on their pictures, you will need microphone headsets or desktop microphones.
  • This is a purchased learning tool.  Prices for 5-24 licenses are currently around $40 per license, with staggered discounts for more licenses.  A grant might be required according to school district for purchase of program. 


Tutorials and Resources




Quick Tips 

Pixie Integration Ideas - Additional Integration Ideas



  • Illustrate Life Cycles
  • Sort by Living and Non-Living
  • Illustrate the Water Cycle or the Rock Cycle
  • Illustrate weather for the week
  • Sort objects by sink or float
  • Label parts of an insect, parts of a flower, layers of the earth, planets in the solar system, layers of the rainforest, etc.
  • Food Chains and Food Webs
  • Food Pyramids
  • Differences between whales and fish
  • Differences between the different types of rock
  • Illustrate a hypothesis to an experiment.  Then, perform the experiment and illustrate conclusion.  Compare hypothesis and results. 
  • Create trading cards of different rocks, minerals, or elements  
  • Design a kite
  • Design a Christmas ornament
  • Paint a self-portrait
  • Label a color wheel 


Lesson Plan Example:

     Save the Bees!





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