ESL_Language- Voki

All about Voki! 


What is Voki?

     Voki is a site which provides the tools to create an avatar- a digital representation of yourself which can then be shared through e-mail, on social networking sites, blogs, instant messaging, and most cell phones. The creation of avatars on Voki allows users to embrace their creativity as they customize their avatars to look like themselves, animals, anime, and more! These avatars come to life when YOUR voice is added.


Voki in the Classroom:


    Voki is a free online communication tool for teachers and students alike! Technology can be found in every aspect of life and it is rapidly evolving; therefore it is important for educators to incorporate technology into the curriculum to ensure students are motivated, engaged, and participating in authentic learning activities. Voki provides countless benefits when utilized in classrooms with English language learners. These benefits include, but are not limited to:


Classroom Activity Ideas:


The following are possibilities of activities I brainstormed which incorporate Voki into your classroom curriculum. 


Voki for Teachers:

     It only takes a few simple steps to create a Voki. Teachers also have the option to create their class online. When teachers choose to utilize "Voki Classroom" they register their students and can easily manage their students and the assignments. Voki also allows for collaboration among teachers by providing them with access to lessons other teachers have used and created. 

          In order to encourage your students to utilize Voki, it is up to you as the teacher to enthusiastically embrace the technology. Use Voki to communicate with your students- make announcements, provide updates on classroom happenings, and deliver instruction. Your use of Voki will provide students with exposure to the English language, more specifically language used day-in and day-out in your classroom. 


     Depending on your classroom demographics, not all students may have access to the internet or even a computer outside of school. Schedule time and in-class activities for students to use Voki to ensure all students have access to the program and can successfully complete assignments.


Create your Own Voki:

The following is a brief video tutorial providing steps to create your own Voki.


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