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Social Studies- Google Maps

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Presented by:

Tiffany Brown, Melissa Jones, Natalie Ortiz, Yuvthida Jeenklub





What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is an online, easy to use mapping service that doesn't require any downloading.  Google Maps can give you directions for travel by car, foot, bike, or public transportation.  Google Map also allows you to switch to different views of places you are searching.  You can choose between map, satellite, terrain, and street view modes.  It is now available on many smart phones, tablets and other hand held devices.  



How Can Google Maps be used in Social Studies.    

Students can use Google Maps in Social Studies at any grade level.  Since Google Maps also uses Google Earth students can search many places around the world as they study them.  Students can also use Google Maps to see different routes that early settlers could have used to move across the state and how they would tavel now days. 


Students can find where they live, look in surrounding neighborhoods and apply this to their knowledge of maps.  They can locate different items on the maps and also figure out directions from their school to their home, also find alternate routes.  Students could find landforms or measure distances to places. 


Another way that Google Maps can be used in the Classroom is by having students find a location that is Rural, Suburban and Uban areas.  They can also find places for the 3 major regions in colorado to visually see how they are different. 



Classroom Resources: Lesson Plan Library




YouTube Video:  How to create a Google Map to integrate in the classroom.




15 Interesting Ways to use Google Maps in the Classroom







Introduction to Google Maps








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