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Literacy- Voki

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Voki:An Excercise in Futility



Click the play button below to hear President Obama explain what a Voki is.




A Voki is a personalized avatar that allows you to record type or call in audio to play on websites and e-mails. When functioning correctly, it has unlimited potential for classroom activities. 



Classroom Applications: 


Centers and Assignment Choices
- Teachers can utilize a Voki character to relay instructions for different centers or assignments.

- Students could also work independently and choose an assignment from one of the Voki characters.


Student Recordings
- After creating a Voki, students can record short poems, interview questions, answers etc. for assignments or assessment.
- A Voki could serve as a tool for students to record and listen to themselves reading a short passage to work on pronunciation and word fluency. This could be especially beneficial for E.L.L students.
- Vokis can be used as a “secret self” by students to discuss issues and ideas if they are shy, or need help.

Teacher Recordings
- A Voki can be created to impersonate a character from a story or an historical figure to ask questions, recite sections of speeches etc.
- Vocabulary pronunciation and definitions can be recorded for review.
- Teachers can create additional or repeated instructions for Students with Special Needs.
- Teachers can embed a Voki into an e-mail to send assignments or information to students who are out sick or over breaks and vacations.
- Class websites can be greatly enhanced by the use of a Voki to impart info to parents. 



 How to Add A Voki Message:


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1.  The site has a few glitches which make it impractical for use in a classroom. 

2.  There were difficulties with saving created Vokis and loading audio. 

3.  The user agreement stipulates users cannot be under the age of 13. Elementary students would not be allowed to use this technology within the parameters of the agreement.   


Helpful Links:


Voki Site:



      Voki How To and Idea Websites:






    More Information:




Created by Diane Stephens and Natalie Rubincam 


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