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ESL_Language - Kidspiration

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Kidspiration, the visual way to explore words, numbers and concepts



The visual way to explore and understand words, numbers and concepts





What is Kidspiration?

Kidspiration is a visual workspace for k-5 learners.  Students can use Kidspiration by combining pictures, text, numbers, and spoken words in order to challenge their vocabulary, word recognition, reading for comprehension, writing, and critical thinking skills. 


Kidspiration first and foremost caters to kids and the way they learn.  It also works well with the way teachers teach.  It covers every subject area from math, reading, writing, science, and social studies.  Many activities are provided in every curricular area to make any child feel confident while learning visually and naturally. 


What is the Purpose?

  1. To help students (particularly k-12) develop strong thinking skills
  2. To help students strengthen their reading and writing skills
  3. To help students build conceptual understanding in math


Use Kidspiration's Visual Learning Tools to Build Graphic Organizers Including Concept Maps, Idea Webs and Venn Diagrams

English as a Second Language (ESL)

How can Kidspiration help students who are learning English as a second language?

  1. Develop strong thinking skills in English

Graphic organizers help ESL students to express their thoughts and explore ideas and relationships in what is a new language for them.  These graphic organizers include webs, concept maps, and Venn diagrams.  This allows them to apply their new knowledge of the English language as well as organize the information that they already obtain.   


Kidspiration finds visual learning to be very effective and important for k-5 learners.  There are 3,000+ symbols in the Kidspiration Symbol library.  Not only that, but students can import their own symbols from other sources.  Symbols help ESL students to put pictures with words, which aids memory. 


Using Pictures to Represent Words and Ideas Helps Students Build Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills


Kidspiration SuperGrouper helps students to sort, group and classify objects and ideas.  This tool can be used for ESL students while learning colors, numbers, letters, seasons, animals, and so much more.  Classifying objects is very important when learning a second language.  


  Sort, group, classify and compare ideas to build critical thinking skills.


2.  Develop Strong Reading and Writing Skills in English

Students can create their own stories using engaging, visual tools and explore new ideas using thought webs and maps. 

  • Integrated picture and writing views: students can connect their visual thoughts with written expression.  Most often, ESL students can visualize how they feel or what they would like to say before they are able to regurgitate the information.  Kidspiration help them to make the connection easier and faster.  
  • Kidspiration pairs symbols and words: Kidspiration symbols and graphic organizers help ESL students to communicate stories they've heard/read and ideas they may have developed along the way.  More advanced ESL students can use Kidspiration symbols and graphic organizers to explain more complex ideas, show relationships, and demonstrate their understanding.  
  • Kidspiration Word Guide: Vocabulary is key when learning a foreign language. 13,000 words are available for easy access.  Every word is accompanied with the definition, recorded speech for pronunciation, synonyms and antonyms, parts of speech, and sample sentences.  1,400 of the 13,000 words are paired with images as well.
  • Kids can use Kidspiration and inspiration to visually diagram the components of sentences and paragraphs.  This helps them to learn structure meaning in their new language and become familiar with how English words work together.

Kidspiration Word Guide

  • Audio Support: Teachers have the flexibility of recording instruction and comments for his/her students.  The recordings can be translated into the students native language for clarification.  Any text can be read aloud, which aids pronunciation.  
  • Ready Made Reading and Writing Activities: This area supports phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, word recognition, and comprehension as writing and literacy skills are being built upon.  
  • One-Click Transfer: Projects can be easily expanded, saved or shared, by exporting any works to Microsoft Word, Scholastic Keys, and Appleworks.   


3.  Comprehension

Images are a universal language, which is very useful when learning another language.  Creating visual diagrams of the information encountered in books empowers students.  ESL students can take advantage of the connection between words and pictures to convey their thoughts, questions, and insights.  As mentioned earlier, they have the option of recording their voices with enhanced audio support, which encourages student involvement.   


4.  Critical Thinking

Visual learning techniques help many ELL (English language learning) students work through many barriers by allowing them to express themselves at higher levels than their language skills permit.  Students can use graphic organizers to evaluate and to analyze information in order to convey their understanding of how information is interconnected. 

Annie at School Graphic Organizer


5.  Expression and Writing

For many ELL students, writing is the most difficult part to learning English.  Kidspiration has pictures paired with writing samples.  This provides a helpful bridge between visual and verbal expression.  ELL students start by drawing a diagram.  Then they can transfer that information into a linear outline, which can then be transferred into an organized written piece.   

Kidspiration Math Tools


6.  Mathematical Modeling

Math can be very overwhelming for some ELL students. Kidspiration offers color tiles, pattern blocks, base ten blocks, fraction tiles and fraction boxes.  This allows for students to communicate the content with tools and visually. 


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