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          What is . . .





 It is hundreds of  free  on-line educational tutorials and games for virtually any age level (even  adults in need of a refresher!)  Here you can find numerous subjects represented: geography (US and world), math, history, general science and chemistry, health, nutrition, and vocabulary.  Pre-school games and activities are available, as well as elementary through high school challenge levels.  SAT prep is available for the college bound, and for the actual college student, puzzlers and brain teasers.




     The possibilities . . .



Explore everything from world geography and the periodic table to amphibians and the food pyramid.  This educational software provides a variety of learning opportunities in a fun environment.  Students will learn so much as they play these learner-based educational games and further challenge themselves with the varied levels of play.







  • Simply select one of 9 subject matters

          (USA, World, animals, language arts, health, science, math, preschool and brain)

  • For example, select U.S. Geography Games

  • Select on of the many categories - Tutorial, States, Capitals, Lakes or Landscape

  • Select a level . . . and the learning begins

  • Further challenge yourself with more advanced levels



YouTube Tutorial on Sheppard Software:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnuRcSI4kPg




Young or Old, Beginner or Expert - No problem . . . 




This site starts with a tutorial level that introduces the subject in an interactive way to the students. Most of the subjects include five different levels;


     1.     Tutorial level (introduction to subject matter, i.e., click on the states to find out

               their names)


     2.     Beginner level (a broad interactive game, i.e., click on the right state within a                given region of the U.S.)


     3.     Intermediate level (a more specific interactive game, i.e., drag the picture of a

               given state into the correct location in a given region of the U.S.)


     4.     Expert level (even more specific interactive game with more difficulty,

               i.e., dragging the picture of a given state into the correct location on the

               U.S. map)


     5.     Cartographer (an even more specific interactive game, i.e., click on the correct                location of a given state with no state outlines given)


Each level provides more specificity of the material which enhances the difficulty. Having varying levels of the same content allows students of differing levels to interact with the  material at their own pace. For students who finish early, they have a lot of other activities  to explore.


Ideas For Geography Lessons Using



               *     Use the tutorials to learn the names of the States

               *     Use the tutorials to learn State Capitals

               *     Use the tutorials to learn the USA Geographic Regions

               *     Test your knowledge of the States, Capitals, Landscapes, Rivers and Lakes

                         from Beginner to Expert Level for ALL grade levels

               *     Gather information for a State Report from the "U.S. States" links that feature, State

                          facts, flag, population, state song, history, geography, economy and tourism

               *     Explore World Geography

               *     Assessments




Benefits of Using   in the Classroom




This site is a great tool for the classroom and also even at home. This site allows the students to work at their own pace throughout the different levels. All the students will be able to start at the beginner level and work their way up. This can help show the teacher which students are understanding the material and it will show the students that might be stuck and need some extra help. The other benefit to this site is that the kids are playing games and having fun but are learning at the same time. Another benefit for the classroom is that after completing all the levels in the games the students can also explore all the different states in depth and that can lead into another project that the class might complete. This site is great for the students to learn about geography and so many other great things.








The different challenge levels of the software allow for adaptations.  The struggling learner can simply drop down a level until becoming more proficient, advanced learners can move up to keep themselves challenged.  Sheppard software provides audio within their lessons - supporting ELL's.  




Extended Learning and Additional Resources












YouTube Tutorial on How to Use Sheppard Software:





Articles about Sheppard Software:


"Sheppard Software, Educational Games, Free Educational Games for Homeschoolers"



"Sheppard Software, Education and Fun for the Whole Family"



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